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The Chaotic Triumph of Arron Banks, the “Bad Boy of Brexit” | The New Yorker
Arron Banks, of, is a racist and a homophobe.

"With days to go before the referendum, Farage unveiled a new ukip poster. The words “breaking point,” in giant red letters, were superimposed on a photograph of a snaking line of dark-skinned immigrants waiting to enter the E.U. Many observers denounced the poster as racist. A few hours after the launch, the Labour M.P. Jo Cox was murdered by a far-right nationalist, Thomas Mair, who shouted “Britain First” as he shot and stabbed her. Farage was pilloried.

Banks told me that Farage wanted to shelve the new campaign, but that he and Wigmore urged him to “hold his nerve.” Even after Cox’s death, he said, polls indicated that immigration remained “the No. 1 issue, by a runaway margin.” Banks told me that there was nothing wrong with the image or with its message. “It was a war,” he said. “Anything goes.”

When Cox was killed, both sides in the referendum battle agreed to a two-day pause in campaigning. But Channel 4 News recently unearthed e-mails from the day after the murder in which Banks instructed Leave.EU’s team to “keep pumping” and to “up the Spend” on a pro-Brexit Facebook video. Liz Bilney, Leave.EU’s C.E.O., agreed, noting that, with active campaigning halted, the video “could get a lot of take up.” Banks replied, “Exactly—press it harder.”"
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Crime figures: Do the police know how much there really is? - BBC News
In recent years the two measures have got closer to each other and the ONS says "increases in police recorded violence as a result of improved recording could continue for some time".
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yesterday by paulbradshaw
Robert Mueller’s team says it will be very busy in the coming days
Special counsel Robert Mueller’s office asked a court for an 11-day extension on a filing deadline Tuesday — claiming that, for the time being, key attorneys on their team were too busy with “the press of other work.”

The reference immediately raised eyebrows among close watchers of the special counsel’s work — because there are no known important deadlines in Mueller cases coming up. So what, then, is Mueller’s team so busy with at the moment?

For months now, rumors have been rampant that Mueller’s final report and the conclusion of his work are imminent. Some top attorneys on his team are leaving, and his top FBI agent has already left. All the specific predictions about when, exactly, the report would be done have turned out to be wrong so far, but all things must come to an end eventually.

Now, Tuesday’s request comes in response to a request by the Washington Post to unseal certain materials related to former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort. The deadline for Mueller’s team to respond was supposed to be this Thursday, March 21 — but they’ve asked it be extended to April 1. Here’s the key paragraph:
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Robo-calls are unstoppable. Why your phone won’t quit ringing. - The Washington Post
The worldwide telecommunications systems make it easy — and profitable — for such scams, computer scientist says.
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Pope Rejects Resignation of French Cardinal Convicted of Abuse Cover-Up
Pope Francis has rejected the resignation of a French cardinal, the Vatican announced on Tuesday, despite the cardinal’s conviction this month for covering up decades-old allegations of sexual abuse by a priest in his diocese.

A French court found Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, archbishop of Lyon, guilty on March 7 of failing to report abuse to the authorities, and imposed a six-month suspended sentence.

Cardinal Barbarin, 68, promptly offered to resign, though he is appealing the verdict. He met with Pope Francis on Monday to personally hand in his resignation, but both the cardinal and a Vatican spokesman, Alessandro Gisotti, said on Tuesday that the pope had not accepted it.

Instead, they said, the cardinal, one of the highest-ranking and best-known Roman Catholic officials in France, will step aside for an unspecified length of time.

Cardinal Barbarin said in a statement that the pope had acted “invoking the presumption of innocence.”

“He gave me the freedom to make the decision that seemed best, today, for the life of the Lyon diocese,” the cardinal said. At the pope’s suggestion, he said, he was stepping aside “for a while,” effective immediately, and would leave the day-to-day handling of church affairs to Father Yves Baumgarten, the vicar-general in Lyon.

Mr. Gisotti used much the same language, saying that the pope had given Cardinal Barbarin a free hand “to make the most appropriate decision for his diocese,” which was undergoing difficulties, and that Cardinal Barbarin “had decided to withdraw for some time.”

The pope’s decision came only weeks after he had concluded an unprecedented meeting with church leaders from around the world on how to best confront the scourge of clerical child abuse. The speakers there urged the church’s bishops to take the issue seriously and not to protect their own, or let abuse fester in their ranks.
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Money Laundering: Here's How They Do It - Bloomberg
You’re a Russian criminal with millions of dollars in ill-gotten gains but one big problem: Transferring slugs of money or carrying suitcases of cash will raise eyebrows. You need to “launder” the dough — make the dirty money appear to be the proceeds of legitimate enterprise. Then it can be spent anywhere in the world — say, on real estate or luxury yachts — no questions asked. Most countries and all the world’s major banks have controls in place to flag suspicious funds coming into the financi
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Do Minimum Wage Increases Reduce Crime?
> Our results provide no evidence that minimum wage increases reduce crime. Instead, we find that raising the minimum wage increases property crime arrests among those ages 16-to-24, with an estimated elasticity of 0.2. This result is strongest in counties with over 100,000 residents and persists when we use longitudinal data to isolate workers for whom minimum wages bind. Our estimates suggest that a $15 Federal minimum wage could generate criminal externality costs of nearly $2.4 billion.
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Dutch shooting: Utrecht police arrest suspect after three killed
A man has been arrested after three people were killed a five wounded, some seriously, in a shooting on a tram in the Dutch city of Utrecht.

Gokmen Tanis, a 37-year-old Turkish man, was found several hours after the attack in a building about two miles (3km) from the scene.

Authorities said the attacker's motive was unclear.

The incident sparked a city-wide manhunt and the closure of schools.
Netherlands  police  legal  crime  terrorism 
2 days ago by jtyost2
Brazen Shooting Traumatizes Dutch City, Three Days After Christchurch Killings
The local police and the national antiterrorism agency said they were looking into the possibility that the shooting, between 10:30 and 11 a.m., was an act of terrorism. Mark Rutte, the prime minister of the Netherlands, said it could not be ruled out.

The mayor of Utrecht, Jan van Zanen, was more definitive. “We are working on the assumption of a terrorist motive,” he said.

The Netherlands’ main counterterrorism agency raised its assessment of the threat in Utrecht Province, just southeast of Amsterdam, to the highest level, and said it had activated a crisis team.

Pieter Jaap Aalbersberg, the national coordinator for antiterrorism and security, said the authorities were debating whether to expand the threat alert to the country as a whole.

The authorities ordered the evacuation of all mosques in Utrecht, and security was increased at mosques elsewhere in the Netherlands.

It was not clear whether those moves stemmed from any specific threat, or whether they were a precaution in the wake of the attacks on two mosques last week in Christchurch, New Zealand, that killed 50 people.

The University Medical Center Utrecht opened a specialized disaster unit in response to the shooting. Mr. van Zanen, the mayor, said three of those injured were seriously hurt.

Mr. Rutte interrupted a weekly cabinet meeting to monitor the situation, and later held a news conference to address it.
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2 days ago by jtyost2
All the Crime, All the Time: How Citizen Works
John Herrman/The New York Times, March 17, 2019.
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2 days ago by markcoddington
Parkland School Shooter Spoke of Demons Shortly After Being Captured
The suspect in the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last year apparently told cops shortly after being captured that he heard “demons.” It’s body cam footage that his defense lawyers may use to show he wasn’t acting of his own free will as they mount a possible insanity plea. (They haven’t said they’re doing that.)

The shooter, who took 17 lives, made the remarks about an hour after the massacre ended. The body cam footage was released on Friday.
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