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for we cannot be judgmental and redemptive at the same time.

Our problem is that we like to sit in the judgment seat and pronounce condemnation upon those whom we think have sinned! Scripture commands us not to judge or condemn others, for we cannot be judgmental and redemptive at the same time. It is difficult to pray sincerely for someone while we are judging them. At times our judgmental attitude can seem to provide us an excuse not to become involved in God’s redemptive work in someone’s life. Scripture reminds us that God will treat us with the same grace or severity with which we treat others (Luke 6:38).

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11 hours ago by Bookman
The Gospel According to Mark Fisher
"A review of k-punk: The Collected and Unpublished Writings of Mark Fisher (2004-2016), edited by Darren Ambrose (Repeater Books, 2018)"
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Aquarium Drunkard » Van Morrison: Live In Boston, 1968
As a historical document, and an important piece in a puzzle so many are eager to see fleshed out, Van Morrison: Live In Boston 1968 is a useful addition to a re-ignited area of study. In this way, listening takes on an air of the academic, for the sonic element is far from earth-shattering. It is indeed, in the context of fandom, incredible to hear these songs. But as a general piece of recording, this is not the Holy Grail, nor even a gold coin.
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