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“Design Thinking is BS”, is BS (Fresh Tilled Soil)
Richard Banfield — ещё один дизайнер, которого утомил кликбейт Natasha Jen. Он разбирает её псевдо-критику.
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yesterday by jvetrau
Interview: Roxane Gay and Michelle Dean on ‘Sharp’
I tend to judge a piece of criticism by how smart I find the argument. This, I know, is not how everyone does it. I don’t mean, how much I agree with it, exactly, but more: how much does this open up the subject at hand? Does it show me things about it I didn’t already know?
2 days ago by jomc
AirPods and the Three Stages of Apple Criticism – ReThink Reviews – Medium
It’s rare for critics, commentators, and especially commenters to admit that they were wrong. One reason is that they are rarely asked to, and being wrong — even repeatedly — seems to do little harm to their reputations. It’s why people who predicted that the second Iraq war would be an easy victory, that Lehman Brothers was a solid investment in 2008, or that the iPhone was dead without a physical keyboard continued to work and have their opinions listened to.
That’s why it was so refreshing to find a belated positive review of Apple’s AirPods by Vlad Savov, the self-described “resident headphones obsessive” at the Verge, more than a year after the truly wireless earbuds became available in December 2016. That’s because in September 2016, after Apple unveiled the AirPods alongside the headphone jack-less iPhone 7, Savov savaged virtually everything about AirPods, from their price and sound quality to the “haughty” way Apple introduced them at their 2016 keynote. In May of 2017, he softened his position by a hair in an article that acknowledged that not only are AirPods successful despite all of the flaws Savov had highlighted, but that their sky-high customer satisfaction rating shows that they are delighting virtually everyone who buys them.
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6 days ago by rgl7194

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