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Bach at the Burger King - Los Angeles Review of Books
Where does this leave the prelude — and, by extension, classical music? From awakening Megasharks to selling Cadillacs, Bach’s Prelude to Cello Suite No. 1 has been drafted to support many causes. But one cause it seldom supports is itself. After being pressed into the service of so many outside agendas — advertising, film, and police work — the prelude loses its identity as an independent work of art, demanding to be taken on its own terms. It is difficult for the prelude to provide any modern audience with a genuinely “pure” listening experience. This erosion is a now-common fate for popular art. Secondary associations gradually smother primary experiences. No matter how strong an individual piece, over time, Hollywood, Madison Avenue, and Market Street threaten to drain the vitality of even the greatest music until there’s nothing left. The coroner’s report: Death by quotation. After all, there are only so many times a melody can be used to harass the homeless, embellish a cannibal’s cookery, or promote the dignity of dog food before we forget it could also glorify the dignity of humanity.
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Why the promise of low-code software platforms is deceiving
Why the promise of low-code software platforms is deceiving

Low-code/no-code platforms mean anyone can code, right? Wrong. Columnist Bob Reselman explains why this is a dangerous thought for enterprises.

Bob Reselman

If you believe what you read, low-code/no-code solutions are sent from above to solve virtually every software development problem around.

My response? Give me a break.

This is nothing new. Companies have been trying to achieve the concept of low-code software since the first punch cards containing COBOL code ran through an IBM S/360. In fact, being able to type code directly into a binary file instead of a set of punch cards was an early attempt at increasing developer productivity. Loading data from disk into memory to run code is way faster than having to run punch cards through a feeder.
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Giving and Taking Criticism — Chappell Ellison
Ask yourself: Is this helpful or not helpful?
Stay curious.
Hang in there until you receive actionable feedback.
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