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OneTab shared tabs - Akka streams for CRUD RESTful APIS
Collection of links that discuss using Akka-streams for non-standard streaming workloads
akka  scala  streaming  reactivestreams  restapi  crud 
7 days ago by vdaniyan
Vue.js - Getting Started In 2019 (Part-1) 
This will be a series of articles where you will u
derstand all aspects of Vue.js to build a product...
vue.js  learning  crud 
5 weeks ago by cothrun
CrudCrud - Instant CRUD REST API Endpoints
Unique HTTPS endpoint automatically generated on first visit. Ready to receive GET, POST, PUT and DELETE requests to Create, Read, Update and Delete any REST resource.
6 weeks ago by njr11
Open-Source Headless CMS and API
cms  app  mysql  crud  phpmyadmin 
11 weeks ago by robertoferrari
Getting Started with Vue - An Overview and Walkthrough Tutorial by Tania Rascia
Learn what Vue is, how to set up a Vue project via static HTML or Vue Cli, and how to make a complete CRUD app in Vue. You'll learn about Vue components, data, methods, computed methods, lifecycles, conditionals, events, form handling, and building. If you go through and do this whole tutorial, you should feel pretty good starting to build your own apps from scratch in Vue.
fridayfrontend  javascript  vue  tutorials  crud 
may 2019 by spaceninja
Build a React To-Do App with React Hooks (No Class Components)
Yes, a to-do app, seems like something we’ve all done in the past. The great thing about a to-do app is that it covers all 4 aspects of CRUD; Create, Read, Update, Delete. As a developer, we need to know CRUD and a to-do app is the best way to start that learning or refresh some of the things we may be a little rusty on.
react  javascript  hooks  crud  todo 
may 2019 by spaceninja
Build a CRUD App in React with Hooks
I wanted to try out Hooks and see how an app might look without any classes, but I didn't see any examples yet, so I decided to make one myself. I created a simple CRUD (create, read, update, delete) app that utilizes Hooks and no classes, and I created this tutorial for anyone else who wants to learn how to use them as well.
react  javascript  crud  hooks 
may 2019 by spaceninja
Evolutility :: CRUD Framework
Evolutility is an open source low-code platform. With it you can build web applications for ASP .NET and Microsoft SQL Server easily without writing code. Simply describe your application structure and Evolutility will provide the necessary web forms and the corresponding database CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) functionality based on a simple mapping.
crud  aspnetcore  jquery  react  opensource 
april 2019 by dave007

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