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I’ve simulated the bitcoin price for the whole 2018. You won’t believe the result!
Here I’m doing a simple Monte Carlo simulation on the daily returns of the USD bitcoin price to try to know what will be its most likely price by the end of 2018.
bitcoin  cryptocurrency  price  prediction  2018 
2 hours ago by orlin
LegalThings One - Platform for Live Contracts
A fair legal system for everyone. Winner of the Blockathon by the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security.
law  cryptocurrency 
13 hours ago by liqweed
A Message to Nebulous and the Sia Community – Nick Hansen – Medium
A Message to Nebulous and the Sia Community

(Written by Eddie Wang and Nick Hansen on behalf of the signatories)
(Open Petition:

January 23, 2018
To: Nebulous Inc.
280 Congress St, Floor 12
Boston, MA, 02210
siacoin  sia  cryptocurrency  ASIC  Bitmain 
14 hours ago by vitaminq

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