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Orthrus: SD card secure RAID USB storage
This project is a hardware mechanism to provide secure "two man control" over a data store. It is a USB microSD card reader, but it requires two cards. The data is striped in the style of RAID 0, but the data is also encrypted with a key that is stored in a key storage block on each card. In essence, each card is useless without the other. With possession of both cards, the data is available without restriction, but with only one, the remaining data is completely opaque.

This allows you to securely transport a data set by writing it onto a pair of cards and separately transporting them to a destination for recombination.
encryption  hardware  cryptography  security  raid  privacy 
4 days ago by cyberchucktx
How to fit all of Shakespeare in one tweet (and why not to do it!)
A security researcher squoze 1,299,999 words into a single tweet, thanks to image metadata that Twitter doesn't remove.
cryptography  steganography  twitter 
6 days ago by SecurityFeed
The Illustrated TLS 1.3 Connection: Every Byte Explained
Every byte explained and reproduced

A revised edition in which we dissect the new manner of secure and authenticated data exchange, the TLS 1.3 cryptographic protocol.

In this demonstration a client connects to a server, negotiates a TLS 1.3 session, sends "ping", receives "pong", and then terminates the session.

ALSO: a really cool example of how to present data
reference  security  ssl  examples  code  webdev  http  cryptography 
9 days ago by rsgranne
GitHub - google/mundane
Mundane is a Rust cryptography library backed by BoringSSL that is difficult to misuse, ergonomic, and performant (in that order). - google/mundane
rust  ssl  cryptography  tls 
11 days ago by geetarista

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