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When do the :hover, :focus, and :active pseudo-classes apply?
:hover, :focus, and :active are pseudo-classes that are determined by a user’s actions. They each correspond to a very specific point in how a user will interact with an element on a page such as a link or a button or an input field.
css  css_pseudo 
2 hours ago by siggiarni
Methods for Contrasting Text Against Backgrounds | CSS-Tricks
Not sure this is a great idea, but...
"mix-blend-mode: difference;"
contrast  css  text  design 
9 hours ago by earth2marsh
A Quick Overview of `object-fit` and `object-position` | CSS-Tricks
object-fit and object-position are my two favourite CSS properties lately. They give developers control over the content inside an img or a video similar
11 hours ago by sjelfull
Learn CSS Grid - A Guide to Learning CSS Grid | Jonathan Suh
A comprehensive guide to help you understand and learn CSS Grid Layout, by Jonathan Suh.
css  grid 
14 hours ago by npostulart

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