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11 things I learned reading the flexbox spec – Hacker Noon
I’ve always found flexbox pretty easy to work with — a breath of fresh air after years of floating and clearfixing. Recently though, I found myself fighting against it; something was flexing when I…
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may 2017 by nanoxd
Almost complete guide to flexbox (without flexbox) | Kenan Yusuf
Unfortunately, not everyone has a browser/device capable of viewing flexbox layouts. This is a cheatsheet-esque guide that offers backwards compatible alternatives to flexbox properties.
css  css:flexbox 
june 2016 by nanoxd
Flexbox’s Best-Kept Secret — Medium
Using auto margins with Flexbox is an effective way to get all of the flexibility of css floats, without the nastiness of breaking elements out of the document’s normal flow.
css:tricks  css:flexbox 
november 2015 by elena

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