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Untitled - Table Editor
Fill in the table fields, pick your output code, copy into whatever page you want. This is fantastic.
tools  tables  HTML  markdown  bbcode  latex  sql  csv  balsamiq 
4 days ago by Arduinna
Processing Large CSV files with Elixir Streams
Elixir Streams are extremely powerful when we need to process large CSV files. Let's see the difference between a greedy and lazy approach.
elixir  stream  file  csv 
4 days ago by ianweatherhogg
thedevsaddam/gojsonq: A simple Go package to Query over JSON/YAML/XML/CSV Data
A simple Go package to Query over JSON/YAML/XML/CSV Data - thedevsaddam/gojsonq
type:library  lang:go  data  processing  json  csv  yaml  xml 
7 days ago by endorama
csvtool manual page | Colin Maudry
I just discovered csvtool, a command line utility that I found in default Xubuntu package repository, as I was looking for other utilities (namely csvsort, csvstat, csvcut and co.). I wanted to scream my joy but couldn't find the manual online. Only when running csvtool --help.
bash  csv  cli 
8 days ago by davidbenque

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