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csvpack/ at master · csv11/csvpack · GitHub
A nice tool to load and analyze tabular data packages
data  opendata  csv  csvpack 
8 hours ago by lbadura
Comma Chameleon
A desktop CSV editor for data publishers
data  json  editor  csv 
2 days ago by Z303
NimbleText Online Free
Process a pasted CSV using regex, and get results performed on each line
tools  csv  text  processing 
2 days ago by awhite
NimbleText Online Free
Simple yet powerful tool for text and CSV table manipulation.
text  tools  csv  tables 
3 days ago by thewavingcat
CSV Parser and Serializer for C#
Useful open source library for handling CSV.
programming  csv 
3 days ago by edwardrowe
Reading CSV-files in PowerShell
If you work in IT, you have most likely stumbled upon a CSV-file. CSV stands for Comma-separated values. You can read more about CSV-files here. Two IT-related examples of what data a CSV-file can contain would be a list of AD-users or network traffic. I'll use network traffic as my example. I'm not going to…
powershell  csv 
5 days ago by egwillim

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