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cue/doc/tutorial/kubernetes at master · cuelang/cue
Kubernetes のマニフェストを cue で管理するチュートリアル。
kubernetes  configuration  cue 
13 days ago by summerwind
A very type-friendly configuration languished with a nifty merger of types and values.
cue  cuelang  configuration 
17 days ago by rcrowley
CUE is an open source language, with a rich set APIs and tooling, for defining, generating, and validating all kinds of data: configuration, APIs, database schemas, code, … you name it.
CUE  Proglang  configuration  ETL  devops 
6 weeks ago by euler
Can Apple hack it in Hollywood? We talk to the man behind Apple TV+ • British GQ
Stuart McGurk:
<p>Cue himself is something of an Apple lifer, having joined the company in 1989. It was Steve Jobs who spotted his potential and over the years Cue has been responsible for everything from creating the App Store to the acquisition of Beats Audio.

What are his main memories of Jobs?

“Someone I loved dearly as a friend. So when you ask that question to me it’s a personal question. He was obviously an incredible boss. I had the greatest mentor in the world.”

Cue says he didn’t realise it at the time – “I was young” – but that one of the greatest things to happen to Apple was Jobs getting fired in 1985 by then-CEO John Sculley.

“Because when he came back, one of the things that he wanted to do is create a company that would outlast him and could live for hundreds of years.”

He was really thinking in terms of centuries?

“He absolutely was. And he put people in place and created a culture that he thought would do that. But obviously he was taken way too early. I figured I'd be walking out of Apple the same day he was walking out of Apple.”

He does not much rate the portraits of Jobs that have appeared since, not least the biography by Walter Isaacson and the film, Steve Jobs, written by Aaron Sorkin.

“No. Terrible. They’re not true. Most of the stories are just not accurate. They’re just not accurate. And I think they missed the boat on Steve. They don’t capture in my mind the real Steve. There’s a good book called Becoming Steve Jobs, which I think is the best book. It captures good, bad, fun, pain, emotions, all of it. That’s better than anything I’ve seen. So I’d encourage you to read that.”</p>

Lots of good stuff in this interview; Cue denies the story that Cook (or he) passed "notes" on the content of the proposed TV dramas. Doesn't deny he might have fallen asleep in a meeting. And more.
apple  cue 
july 2019 by charlesarthur

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