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Canary in a Coal Mine: How Tech Provides Platforms for Hate
If Facebook doesn’t do anything about racist political propaganda, YouTube doesn’t do anything about PewDiePie, and Twitter doesn’t do anything about disproportionate abuse against Black women, it says to the smaller players in the industry that they don’t have to either.
tech  culture  hate  racism  sexism  freespeech  ethics 
1 hour ago by spaceninja
JG Ballard and Forty Years of the Future |
@timmaughan: "In many ways what it is perceived to mean has become itself simulation as consumer product—from zombie movies and violent video games to reality TV and ‘ruin porn’—all present over-simplified dystopias as escape from middle class mundanity and responsibility, and as such have wrongly had the B-word applied to them. Perhaps it’s time to redefine Ballardian, to save it from becoming a buzzword for the decay aesthetic, and to transform it into a warning sign for the future collapse of culture."
books  from:tor  2019  culture  society  sf 
2 hours ago by mechazoidal
Why deadlines and sprints are bad for you – Antti – Medium
In a software development project, it’s important to find a suitable process for the project. A good process helps developers, managers, customers and users. A great process should improve the…
agile  culture 
5 hours ago by nanoxd
The Books That Wouldn’t Die - The Chronicle of Higher Education
"Scholars rarely write books like these anymore: ambitious, erudite works that boldly set forth big, original ideas but were written as much for other scholars as for a broad public."
philosophy  culture  academia 
5 hours ago by debrouwere
innovation isn’t all fun and games — creativity needs discipline
business  collaboration  culture  innovation  management 
9 hours ago by pdurlej

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