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The secrets of a top salary in science : Nature News & Comment
> For a young scientist in Europe working 12 hours a day in the lab, the lack of an association between apparent effort and financial reward might seem, rightly, a bit depressing. That could be why the allure of the United States for the brightest and the best remains so strong. (Although many of the well-paid over-40s would no doubt claim that they, too, put in more hours in their early days.) For officials and policy­makers, it shows that cultural and social differences remain strong between the Anglo-Saxon nations and continental Europe. For everyone else, it offers a little peek at how the other 20% live. And what they don’t do for free.
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With her blog post about toxic bro-culture at Uber, Susan Fowler proved that one person can make a difference - Recode
But because that story was more complex — and also because Kleiner had more and pricier lawyers — the case became too confusing for many to resonate with it. Pao got caught up in the story, and was put through the wringer in a way that was depressing to watch. Small mistakes she made were writ large, and she, too, went on trial.

To anyone watching it closely, it was not fair. But it was also the way things too often are in Silicon Valley, a place that regards itself as a lot better than it really is. You know the drill: Its denizens say they are changing the world, but the world is actually changing them, and not often for the better.

Is it the wealth? The acclaim? The way the critical need to push past the doubt that mutates into a delusional intractableness that only reinforces itself and almost always turns ugly?
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Bernie Sanders Says Christian Trump Appointee Has Religious Freedom But Shouldn't Work in Government
ompted the Family Research Council to launch a petition demanding that Sanders apologize, which ha
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