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DigCurV - Skills in Digital Curation Curriculum Framework
Framework overview addon pages for the DigCurV project website presenting a professional skills curriculum framework that maps skill requirements to job functions for digital curation professionals.
digitalcuration  DigitalPreservation  education  competency  ResearchData  Training  curation  digcurv 
yesterday by onefewercar
How Wikipedia Prevents the Spread of Coronavirus Misinformation | WIRED
A group of hawk-eyed experts operate on a special track to monitor medical information on the site.
health  wikipedia  moderation  curation  misinformation  coronavirus  AlgoReport 
9 days ago by barbarafister
The Washington Post wants to join your group chat (and help your not-into-politics friends keep up) » Nieman Journalism Lab
When the Post team was brainstorming ways to reach readers who weren’t already tuned into their election coverage, two ideas kept coming up. The first was “less is more” — asking readers to read fewer links — and the second was the insight that news that could feel overwhelming in other contexts felt less so in more intimate conversations, including group chats.
newsletters  washpo  politics  curation 
16 days ago by paulbradshaw
The Lady Luck Society (@theladylucksociety) • Instagram photos and videos
The Lady Luck Society - Jamie Coomber
Vintage pieces with more stories to tell.
Women inspiring women through playlists, interviews and more.
10% profits go to @bloodygoodperiod
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18 days ago by dancall
Everyone’s a Curator Now
Every era has its buzzwords, which emerge to define the goals and identities of the objects and individuals at the apex of cool. There are the roles — designing, styling, creative directing — and the copywriter clichés; iconic, legendary, chic, edited (the edited wardrobe, the hat edit). The current dominance of “curating” is, like most contemporary oddities, tied to the internet.

Its sister word is “content.” The spread of both is, in part, an issue of linguistics. How does one summarize the relatively new act of creating, collecting and displaying a bunch of digital “stuff,” whether e-commerce pictures or Tumblr posts? One doesn’t pour olive oil on a salad; one drizzles it. One doesn’t arrange an Instagram feed; one curates it.
culture  jargon  language  hansulrichobrist  art  curation 
25 days ago by jarrettfuller
Content Curation for Education: What Kinds of Content Should Education Brands Curate? | Caylor Solutions
An article that shows how the all-pervasive digital/commercial content curation idea is seeping into the educational sphere ("education branding").
25 days ago by jamesmskidmore
Why Curation Revolutionizes Education & Learning - Content Curation Official Guide - Medium
Article by Robin Good, the evangelist of curation. Over the top as usual, but with some useful ideas/insights.
25 days ago by jamesmskidmore
Local Guides Connect
Resources for Google Maps Local Guides
google  maps  local  curation  ugc  location 
26 days ago by dancall
Local Guides Connect - The best lists created by Connect Live attendees - Local Guides Connect
Restaurants for broken hearts in Istanbul by @myparmaksiz
While this is another great title like the one Alicia created, we truly love the theme of this list. Yalcin thought outside the box to create a list of restaurants to eat after a breakup in Instanbul. This is not only a very unique spin on a “best restaurants” list, but it’s something that could bring some unexpected joy to someone’s day. 
maps  google  curation 
26 days ago by dancall
Curator and the Machine [generative Pollock-like paintings]
[Users "curate" an image by stopping a generative process at the right moment]

I’ve been playing lately with generative art and with this project I wanted to do something that’s more interactive. I took the code behind pollock.exe and made a page where you can tell a bot when it should tweet the artwork.

The algorithm (or “the machine”) generates a “painting”, and you, the “curator” decide when it’s finished and should be shared. Or you can scrap it and start over.

I made this as a fun little side project, but I think it does pose some good questions about creativity, and shows how machines and people can work together to create something.

And I specifically used Glitch as it lets anyone take the source code and remix it. I thought about variations on the idea, for example, maybe the curators should be working with the same exact “painting” (right now, every person sees their unique artwork), so I might explore those ideas later, or maybe someone else will.
generative  art  curation  digitalcuration  +++++  reinterpretation 
5 weeks ago by jonippolito
Head of Cooper-Hewitt Resigns, Saying She Met Goals - The New York Times
Ms. Pilgrim, 58, has been director of the museum, which occupies the historic 64-room Andrew Carnegie mansion on Fifth Avenue and 91st Street, since 1988. She said that she was leaving because she had accomplished her 10-year plan to make the museum more accessible intellectually, by broadening the definition of design, and physically, by completing a $20 million renovation that expanded its quarters to an adjacent town house and made the complex accessible to the handicapped. Ms. Pilgrim has multiple sclerosis and uses a wheelchair; for years she entered her workplace through the service entrance.

Ms. Pilgrim said, however, that her health was not a factor in her decision to step down. Rather, she wants to return to research and curatorial duties. Ms. Pilgrim was a curator and chairman of the decorative arts department at the Brooklyn Museum of Art before moving to the Cooper-Hewitt.
cooperhewitt  curation  diannepilgrim  museums 
5 weeks ago by jarrettfuller
Heidi Zuckerman, Former Aspen Art Museum Director, Founds Platform –
Now, with—which comprises a podcast, an invite-only talks series, and a series of books called “Conversations with Artists” whose participants have included Glenn Ligon, Darren Bader, Anicka Yi, and others—she’s hoping to bring her vision to a wider audience that she hopes will include people who don’t yet know they might be interested in art. For one of the inaugural episodes of her podcast, she chatted with bicyclist Lance Armstrong about collecting art by Rob Pruitt, and in another, she spoke with John Hickenlooper, a former Democratic candidate in the U.S. Presidential race, about how art can create peace. “If there’s a possibility of putting a pause or interruption,” Zuckerman said, “it’s there that you get people’s curiosity and make a difference.”
curation  media  museums  art  heidizuckerman 
5 weeks ago by jarrettfuller
Preserving Email (PDF)
Over 40 years after the invention of email, relatively few institutions have developed policies, implementation strategies, procedures, tools and services that support the long- term preservation of records generated via this transformative communication mechanism. However, a close examination of recent literature reveals that significant progress has been achieved in developing the essential elements that can be used to build an effective email preservation programme. By implementing appropriate technical standards, new capture methods and emerging technologies, archivists, curators, records managers and other information professionals working in the cultural heritage sector can take practical steps to preserve email for its legal, administrative or historical value.
email  curation  archiving  preservation 
5 weeks ago by euler

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