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Securing Domain Controllers Against Attack | Microsoft Docs
As previously described in the "Misconfiguration" section of Avenues to Compromise, browsing the Internet (or an infected intranet) from one of the most powerful computers in a Windows infrastructure using a highly privileged account (which are the only accounts permitted to log on locally to domain controllers by default) presents an extraordinary risk to an organization's security. Whether via a drive by download or by download of malware-infected "utilities," attackers can gain access to everything they need to completely compromise or destroy the Active Directory environment.
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yesterday by bwiese
Cryptominers Infected 10x More Organizations Than Ransomware in 2018 - CircleID, Feb 2019
A new security report reveals cryptominers infected ten times more organizations than ransomware in 2018, but only one in five IT security professionals were aware their company's networks had been infected by mining malware.
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3 days ago by pierredv
Cybersecurity for Autonomous Vehicles Must Be a Top Concern for Automakers - IEEE - The Institute Jan 2019
Via Dale, "no mention of jamming, spoofing, and replay attacks"

"Auto manufacturers have begun taking steps to mitigate cybersecurity risks in their autonomous vehicles."

Problems identified:
= lack of consensus
= standards needed
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3 days ago by pierredv
How To Use The 2012 Active Directory PowerShell Cmdlets From Windows 7 – GoateePFE – Archived
Until now I haven’t needed the CredSSP feature in PowerShell. Here’s the problem. We use Kerberos for authentication from our local workstation to the intermediate remoting server, but then the remoting server is not allowed to pass our credentials to the server targeted by the cmdlet. This makes two hops. The AskDS blog has a classic article that explains this Kerberos scenario in much better detail (Understanding Kerberos Double Hop). The CredSSP feature allows the intermediate remoting server to pass our credentials to the target server.
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4 days ago by bwiese

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