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Communications Resiliency | Homeland Security
Technology is a critical tool for improving interoperability that should meet the needs of practitioners on the front lines and should address regional needs, existing infrastructure, cost versus benefits, and sustainability. The resources below provide examples of communications resiliency. Fo
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Threat Landscape and Good Practice Guide for Software Defined Networks/5G — ENISA Jan 2016
"This study reviews threats and potential compromises related to the security of SDN/5G networks. More specifically, this report has identified related network assets and the security threats, challenges and risks arising for these assets. Driven by the identified threats and risks, existing security mechanism and and good practices for SDN/5G/NFV has been identified. Finally based in the collated information technical, policy and organizational recommendations for proactively enhancing the security of SDN/5G is provided."

January 27, 2016
security  cybersecurity  cellular  SDR  5G  ENISA  EU 
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5G Wireless Technology Raises Security Fears - WSJ Sep 2018
Via Dale
By John D. McKinnon
Sept. 12, 2018 10:04 p.m. ET

"Perhaps the biggest concern is the expected flood of connected household devices, many of which already have been hacked and used in denial-of-service attacks, like one in late 2016 that made major services such as Netflix and Twitter unreachable for a day."

"With 5G, the telecommunications system itself will become so central to everyday life that experts fear it will create an ever-larger target for malicious actors. There also are worries that 5G will make it easier for hackers to turn autonomous vehicles, medical procedures and implantable devices into lethal weapons."

"federal officials are working with many device makers—including household and medical device makers—to make it easier to head off attacks."
WSJ  5G  cybersecurity 
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And how many currently working in have similar stories to tell about their exploits in scho…
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