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Soigneur - Arrivederci ciclismo
That said, the disappearance of the fuchsia and electric blue is pure fin-de-siècle, and there’s no point in deluding ourselves otherwise. UAE cycling will be progressively less Italian and Lampre, it already seems, belongs to a completely different time, and a completely different cycling. These they’re paying to stand on Oude Kwaremont, and that’s just the beginning. So different, yes, but as the Wiggins affair proves, completely the same.

I still believe that Copeland was telling me the truth about Rumšas, but I don’t believe for one minute that we’ll see another team like Lampre. Twenty-five years, the marketing types tell us, is about twenty years too long. It’s also a hell of a lot of money, but most of all it’s a whole lotta love.
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2 hours ago by inspiral
Bar Mitts - Ride in Comfort
Vendor of handlebar mitts and booties + some useful cold riding FAQs
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19 hours ago by csrollyson
One of the oldest bikes in the world, 199 years old, found in disused barn
The bike was discovered during a building demolition in Beaconsfield, but how long the bike has been hidden away remains a mystery.

Mr Stockdale said: “I have been a bike enthusiast for 40 years and so to come across this really is the holy grail for me, it’s what you always dream of finding, let alone owning.

“This bike is a real survivor and it feels just fantastic to have come across this bike after all my years of collecting.”

The 199-year-old bike was originally made by Denis Johnson who registered a patent for the bike in 1818.

Johnson made 320 of the machines in 1819 with only 12 known to be in existence today.

It is believed by Mr Stockdale that this barn find is the oldest of the dozen as Johnston would number his bikes, but this particular machine was made pre-numbering strongly suggesting it was one of the first to be built.
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yesterday by mobikefed
Bike to the Future: Columbia program provides bicycles to those who need them most | KBIA
What if you had no way to get around town? Life would be quite different without a clear path for how to get to your workplace, meet shopping needs and even to socialize.

On a recent episode of Thinking Out Loud, we looked at a new Columbia program that puts bicycles under those most in need of transportation. We hear from a trio of people who each have a unique take on Bike to the Future.

MoBikeFed comment: More about Bike to the Future on the program's web site:

Listen to the KBIA program about Bike to the Future here:
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3 days ago by mobikefed
Bicycle, pedestrian improvements coming to Nifong Boulevard in Columbia | Columbia Tribune
Additional driving lanes, bike lanes, new sidewalks and intersection improvements are coming to a busy section of Nifong Boulevard after the Columbia City Council approved $12.3 million in projects Tuesday.

The council OK’d the designs for various projects along Nifong between Providence Road and Forum Boulevard. The project includes making Forum Boulevard a four-lane road between Nifong Boulevard and Green Meadows Road. Forum Boulevard would also receive a center left turn lane, bike lanes and sidewalks in that section of the road. . . .

Ross said the project is designed to improve safety and mobility for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians alike. He showed several videos to stress the need for improvements along Nifong. . . .

A video showing truck turning left and nearly hitting a pedestrian walking across the street elicited gasps.
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3 days ago by mobikefed

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