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Eddy Planckaert: his greatest victory – crankpunk
by Cillian Kelly which is better? winning a race or sex? hard to decide? Eddy Planckaert found the perfect solution... Winning a race is the ultimate goal for any cyclist. It is the culmination of the work of dozens of people, team managers, masseurs, domestiques and of course the winning cyclist. Some cyclists spend their…
2 days ago by drcraig
Home | Transportation Alternatives
"Take back the streets" org in NYC #cycling #public #transport #environment
cycling  transport  Newyorkcity  nonprofit  organization  empowerment  green  environment 
4 days ago by csrollyson
Stop Designing Bike-Friendly Cities Only for Wealthy White Cyclists - CityLab
Bike equity is a powerful tool for reducing inequality. Too often, cycling infrastructure is tailored only to wealthy white cyclists.
* Designing for bikes has become a hallmark of forward-looking modern cities worldwide. Bike-friendly city ratings abound, and advocates promote cycling as a way to reduce problems ranging from air pollution to traffic deaths.
* But urban cycling investments tend to focus on the needs of wealthy riders and neglect lower-income residents and people of color. This happens even though the single biggest group of Americans who bike to work live in households that earn less than $10,000 yearly, and studies in lower-income neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Boston have found that the majority of bicyclists were non-white.
cycling  p33507  equity  cities  infrastructure  urban-design  city-movement 
4 days ago by spencertree
RT : Live in ? Not yet loving ?
Kitchener is creating a Community Working Group to design new Cyclin…
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5 days ago by robdrimmie
Mike Hall's trans-Europe bikepacking race.
europe  cycling  bicycletouring  race 
5 days ago by np

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