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These Maps Reveal the Hidden Structures of 'Choose Your Own Adventure' Books - Atlas Obscura
"Reading a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book can feel like being lost in a maze and running through twists and turns only to find dead ends, switchbacks, and disappointment. In the books—for those not familiar with them—you read until you come to a decision point, which prompts you to flip to another page, backward or forward. The early books in the series, which began in 1979, have dozens of endings, reached through branching storylines so complex that that trying to keep track of your path can seem hopeless—no matter how many fingers you stick into the book in order to find your way back to the key, fateful choice. You might end up back at an early fork again, surprised at how far you traveled only to reemerge at a simple decision, weighted with consequences that you couldn’t have imagined at the beginning.

The last installment of the original “Choose Your Own Adventure” series came out in 1998, but since 2004, Chooseco, founded by one of the series’ original authors, R.A. Montgomery, has been republishing classic volumes, as well as new riffs on the form of interactive fiction that seemed ubiquitous in the 1980s and ’90s. The new editions also carry an additional feature—maps of the hidden structure of each book."
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5 days ago by robertogreco
Twine Texting Project by shindigs
A presentation layer for Twine 1.4x that allows you to tell stories through text conversations.
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7 weeks ago by sspela
Twine Texting Project by shindigs
"A presentation layer for Twine 1.4x that allows you to tell stories through text conversations. Built on top of Jonah. Download to access the commented project file.

Please tweet me @shindags with any questions, suggestions, and especially if you made something with this asset!

Development was streamed on "
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8 weeks ago by robertogreco
kies je eigen avontuur boek
De 7 meest F *** ed echt 'Kies uw eigen avontuur' boeken
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11 weeks ago by marc0janssen
Commuter Challenge | WAMU
Millions of Washingtonians have seen their commutes disrupted by SafeTrack. But the unpredictability and delays hit low-income workers particularly hard. They typically live farther from their jobs. They often have jobs with strict lateness policies. And for workers with young children, the disruptions can make child care arrangements particularly challenging. In this game we'll explore how disruptions, small and large, can adversely impact riders.
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february 2017 by alykat

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