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Playground / Observable
Nice demo of the powerful notebook-style computing for Javascript in your browser
computing  javascript  d3js  observable  notebooks  jupyter  tootme 
10 days ago by nelson
wbkd/awesome-d3: A list of D3 libraries, plugins and utilities
A list of D3 libraries, plugins and utilities. Contribute to wbkd/awesome-d3 development by creating an account on GitHub.
d3  charts  visualisation  d3js 
24 days ago by procload
Bringing Together React, D3, And Their Ecosystem – Smashing Magazine – Medium
Since its creation in 2011, D3.js has become the de facto standard for building complex data visualizations on the web. React is also quickly maturing as the library of choice for creating…
visualization  d3js  react  charts 
5 weeks ago by unlimited
tip of the day:

If u wanna position text & rotate it in place, it's important to do the transforms in the ri…
d3js  from twitter
6 weeks ago by jburnmurdoch

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