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- A of simplifying subject form on the of Palucca, 1926.
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2 hours ago by ljegou
Why does Lindy Hop have 6 AND 8 count patterns? | The Home of Happy Feet
The only compelling reason for us to teach classes of only a single mode like 6 or 8 count is to make things easy, progressive, digestible for students.  Kind of a “paint-by numbers” scenario.  Just as Groovie Movie said, “having learned the basic steps, you now forget them completely”. Fluid movement between 6 and 8 count vocabulary is step one on the journey to being a competent social dancer.  Step two is being able to invent movements of any even-numbered length on the fly to match the music you are hearing.
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yesterday by kgoess
terpsichore | Terpsichore
A project to digitize the dances of [starting with] Europe as part of capture and documentation of Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH).
dance  digital  anthropology  culture 
12 days ago by chrismyth
The Ethnos Project
Exploring the intersection of Indigeneity and ICTs. Recording music of many ethnic groups around the world, documenting worship around the world.
ethnography  worship  music  languages  dance  anthropology  culture 
13 days ago by chrismyth

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