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Devenez data-scientist sur Le Wagon On Demand
13 cours vidéos & leur quiz
4 heures d'explication
103 objectifs à accomplir
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1 hour ago by mandarine
PostgreSQL Features You May Not Have Tried But Should - pgDash
Use postgres native pubsub/topic messaging, table inheritance, table partitioning, triggers, full text search, etc. Great examples.
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yesterday by Tknvbe
Designing better file organization around tags, not hierarchies
Excerpts from introduction:
"Computer users organize their files into folders because that is the primary tool offered by operating systems. But applying this standard hierarchical model to my own files, I began to notice shortcomings of this paradigm over the years. At the same time, I used some other information systems not based on hierarchical path names, and they turned out to solve a number of problems. I propose a new way of organizing files based on tagging, and describe the features and consequences of this method in detail.

Speaking personally, I’m fed up with HFSes, on Windows, Linux, and online storage alike. I struggled with file organization for just over a decade before finally writing this article to describe problems and solutions. Life would be easier if I could tolerate the limitations of hierarchical organization, or at least if the new proposal can fit on top of existing HFSes. But fundamentally, there is a mismatch between the narrowness of hierarchies and the rich structure of human knowledge, and the proposed system will not presuppose the features of HFSes.
existing alternative systems like Git and Danbooru bypass HFS problems to deliver a better user experience. Then I describe a step-by-step model, starting from basic primitives, of a proposed file organization system that includes a number of desirable features by design.
I care most about the data model and less about implementation details. For example in HFSes, I focus on the fact that the file system consists of a tree of labeled edges with file content at the leaves; I ignore details about inodes, journaling, defragmentation, permissions, etc."

Corresponding community discussion:

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yesterday by eocas
Casa Comum
Este projeto disponibiliza na Internet, de modo simples e rápido, documentação histórica de diferentes países da CPLP, criando um espaço de diálogo e de memória das nossas Culturas e da História de cada um dos parceiros envolvidos neste projeto.
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yesterday by brunoamadei

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