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inessential: Why Create a Frontier-Inspired Scripting App?
Some technical details on the original Frontier programming environment and what it was like to use it.
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40 minutes ago by jefframnani
PGTune -
calculate configuration for PostgreSQL based on the maximum performance for a given hardware configuration
database  postgresql 
8 hours ago by nmcfarl
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10 hours ago by euler
Shodan is a search engine for Internet-connected devices. Web search engines, such as Google and Bing, are great for finding websites. But what if you're interested in measuring which countries are becoming more connected? Or if you want to know which version of Microsoft IIS is the most popular? Or you want to find the control servers for malware? Maybe a new vulnerability came out and you want to see how many hosts it could affect? Traditional web search engines don't let you answer those questions.

Shodan gathers information about all devices directly connected to the Internet. If a device is directly hooked up to the Internet then Shodan queries it for various publicly-available information. The types of devices that are indexed can vary tremendously: ranging from small desktops up to nuclear power plants and everything in between.
shodan  scanning  database  whereused  software  ports 
11 hours ago by slmingol
MongoDB Switches Up Its Open-Source License - Slashdot
MongoDB is taking action against cloud giants who are taking its open-source code and offering a hosted commercial version of its database to their users without playing by the open-source rules. The company announced today that it has issued a new software license, the Server Side Public License (S...
opensource  license  cloud  database 
15 hours ago by pankkake
[咀嚼之味] 阻碍你使用 GraphQL 的十个问题
从官方的定义来说,GraphQL 是一种针对 API 的查询语言;在我看来,GraphQL 是一种标准,而与标准相对的便是实现。就像 EcmaScript 与 JavaScript 的关系,从一开始你就需要有这样一种认知:GraphQL 只定义了这种查询语言语法如何、具体的语句如何执行等。但是,你在真正使用某种 GraphQL 的服务端实现时,是有可能发现 GraphQL 标准中所描述的特性尚未被实现;或者这种 GraphQL 的实现扩展了 GraphQL 标准所定义的内容。
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17 hours ago by jslu
Talend – un leader de l’intégration de données Cloud (ETL moderne)
Talend Cloud fournit une plateforme ouverte unifiée pour l’intégration de données dans les environnements Cloud et sur site. Avec Talend, exploitez plus de données plus rapidement pour votre entreprise.
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yesterday by mandarine

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