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apsw sqlite
SQLite alternate for Python
python  sqlite  database  programming 
12 hours ago by nelson
Using UUIDs as primary keys
If you’re designing a REST API, auto incremented primary keys can be a threat. They expose a lot of informations about your API and the internal structure. UUIDs can help to cover these information and make your API more secure. In the following I’m going to explain what a primary key is and what problems can occur with auto incremented primary keys.
database  sql  python 
18 hours ago by cito
SQL Data Analytics for Business Analysis · Advanced SQL · SILOTA
This is a compendium of Advanced SQL tricks meant to serve as a reference for data analysts. There's no particular order to reading these recipes – each one starts with an applicable business case. Start with the most pressing business decision you are facing, and solve it by using the SQL recipe as a template.
database  sql  analysis  analytics 
21 hours ago by Tafkas
PostgreSQL Domain Integrity In Depth
This guide combines pretty much all material I’ve found online about the topic, adds some of my own, and provides many practical examples.
postgresql  database  sql 
22 hours ago by Tafkas

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