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PipelineDB—The Streaming SQL Database
The Streaming SQL Database
An open-source relational database that runs SQL queries continuously on streams, incrementally storing results in tables.
postgresql  database  sql  streaming  etl  analytics 
yesterday by shoan
MySQL vs PostgreSQL - Why you shouldn't use MySQL - YouTube
I think many of these things have been fixed, but... whoa
database  mysql 
yesterday by cwinters
Apple's recently open-sourced key-value distributed DB. Supports ACID transactions, and assumes that you'll add layers on top to provide a richer data model that just key-value pairs.
yesterday by jdwaterson
Effie Worldwide's library of finalist and award-winning cases - a collection of Ideas That Work, including summaries, videos of the winning work and hundreds of written case studies on effective marketing communications strategies, ideas and results. The purpose of the case database is to educate about effective marketing communications and to showcase the companies and individuals creating effective work to enhance learning in our industry.
casestudies  reference  effectiveness  database  strategy  planning  advertising  effies  awards 
yesterday by eugenexxv
Les Sources manuscrites de la théorie de la musique (S. IX-XVI)
An online database of RISM's series B/III (The Theory of Music): bibliographic information on manuscript sources for music theory from the Carolingian Era up to ca. 1500, maintained by Christian Meyer (Centre national de la recherche scientifique).
RISM  manuscripts  music_theory  historical_musicology  database  9th_century  10th_century  11th_century  12th_century  13th_century  14th_century  15th_century 
yesterday by HarvardMusicLib
Musical Theater Songs (Requires Harvard Key)
Use this database to search the musical theater repertoire by composer, show, voice type, tempo, mood or quality ("charming," "wordy," "bluesy"), etc. and then find links to sheet music and recordings.
database  musical_theatre  bibliography  vocal_music 
yesterday by HarvardMusicLib
FoundationDB | Home
FoundationDB gives you the power of ACID transactions in a distributed database.
apple  database  distributed  nosql 
yesterday by nico.ash
Entertainment ID (Requires Harvard Key)
Music sales/chart rankings from over 74 countries, including all Billboard charts, Offical Chart Company (UK), and streaming statistics from Apple and Spotify. Also includes data on historical film box office and media sales and rankings from Nielsen.
statistics  charts  essential_tool  music_industry  popular_music  film  television  sound_recordings  database 
yesterday by HarvardMusicLib

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