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Field notes on modelling relational data with CRDTs (Gies-A-Job Remix)
"Basho has gone under, so it seems appropriate to share some field notes from some internal experiments on using a subset of CRDTs to model relational data in order to develop an eventually consististent relational(ish) version of Riak.
The genesis of this approach to solving this problem came from a casual remark by Russell Brown, king o’CRDTs: to wit “maps and sets are not really datatypes, but mechanisms for managing causality that ought to be migrated higher up into the database”.
However the evidence from Afrika is that if you wish to get sophisticated and performant user friendly ways of manipulating them you will need to bake causality into your implementation — Big Sets (and Big Maps) were to become the very fabric of next-gen Riak."
crdt  riak  programming  databases  piperesearch 
yesterday by mechazoidal
NYT Space Calendar
The New York Times Science section's space calendar for space fans. Not too extensive, but good enough to geek out on.
Space  Calendar  Databases 
3 days ago by jquintanilla4
Google Calendar Sync Settings
Enable or Disable to see subscribed Google Calendars on Mac/iOS apps.
Guides  Databases  MacOS  Google 
3 days ago by jquintanilla4
How I Reduced my DB Server Load by 80%
The author uses a series of performance tools (notably: scout, pg:outliers, papertrail) to find the cause of a nasty spike in DB load average; the culprit: a case-insensitive uniqueness validation performed rails-side that should have been implemented as an index DB-side. Although the toolchain is Heroku-centered, the techniques and lessons learned are applicable to our tech stack.
rubyonrails  heroku  optimization  performance  postgresql  tools  databases  load  blogs  logs 
4 days ago by oscar-lopez

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