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Minio Docs
Minio is an object storage server released under Apache License v2.0. It is compatible with Amazon S3 cloud storage service.
databases  cloud-computing  aws 
2 days ago by johnloy
Modelling Data with Hypergraphs – GRAKN.AI
In our previous post “Knowledge Graph Representation: GRAKN.AI or OWL?”, we explained why GRAKN.AI implements its own knowledge representation formalism, rather than employing the popular W3C…
hypergraphs  databases  graphs 
3 days ago by harrylove
Dgraph — A Distributed, Fast Graph Database
Dgraph - a low latency, high throughput, native and distributed graph database.
graph  databases  graphdb  dgraph 
4 days ago by harrylove
Advanced SQL window functions quiz
Advanced SQL Tutorial for SQL Window Functions.
learning  sql  databases  advanced  quiz 
6 days ago by mjlassila
Metrics: not the observability droids you're looking for - Honeycomb

When you think about useful fields you might want to break down or group by…surprise, surprise: all of the most useful fields are usually high-cardinality fields, because they do the best job of uniquely identifying your requests. Consider: uuid, app name, group name, shopping cart id, unique request id, build id. All incredibly, unbelievably useful. All very high-cardinality.

And yet you can’t group by them in typical time series databases or metrics stores. Grouping is typically done using tags, which have a hard upper limit on them.

And of course this amazing quote:
Nines don’t matter if users aren’t happy.
observability  technology  monitoring  awareness  interesting  databases  high.cardinality  quotes 
6 days ago by po

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