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Wappalyzer - Wappalyzer has been upgraded
they say: Interested to know which websites use certain technologies?
Our APIs and datasets provide valuable insights into the software industry.
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yesterday by piperh
Predicting the Survival of Titanic Passengers – Towards Data Science
In this blog-post, I will go through the whole process of creating a machine learning model on the famous Titanic dataset, which is used by many people all over the world. It provides information on…
ai  neural-networks  statistics  dataset 
6 days ago by hay
khpeek/funda-scraper: Scraper of the Dutch real estate website, implemented in Python with Scrapy
Scraper of the Dutch real estate website, implemented in Python with Scrapy - khpeek/funda-scraper
dataset  scraping  python 
6 days ago by hay
Hundreds of N.J. cops are using force at alarming rates. The state's not tracking them. So we did. |
> In an unprecedented undertaking, the news organization filed 506 public records requests and collected 72,607 use-of-force reports. They covered every municipal police department and the State Police from 2012 through 2016, the most recent year of data available. The results are now available at It is the most comprehensive statewide database of police force ever created and made public in the United States.
police-data  use-of-force  police-use-of-force  new-jersey  dataset 
12 days ago by tarakc02
Very cool linguistic for NLP and network researchers: "Word association and participant data for 100 prima…
dataset  from twitter_favs
13 days ago by daisyk

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