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From data to Viz | Find the graphic you need
A classification of all possible chart types classified following the input data format.
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16 hours ago by unlimited
The project is calling artists to work in the project - see here Open call
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20 days ago by kanarinka
RT : We’re not done trying to figure out how storytelling and fit together! digs into…
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26 days ago by AramZS
Think is a modern invention? You’ll be surprised! Art historian tells us all about the…
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28 days ago by moritz_stefaner
RT : The call for talks is open. Presentations on interesting projects, best practices, fav…
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4 weeks ago by aratob
interpretation - Interpreting QQplot - Is there any rule of thumb to decide for non-normality? - Cross Validated
The best approach is really to have a good idea of how sensitive any procedure you want to use is to various kinds of non-normality (how badly non-normal does it have to be in that way for it to affect your inference more than you can accept).

An informal approach for looking at the plots would be to generate a number of data sets that are actually normal of the same sample size as the one you have - (for example, say 24 of them). Plot your real data among a grid of such plots (5x5 in the case of 24 random sets). If it's not especially unusual looking (the worst looking one, say), it's reasonably consistent with normality.
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5 weeks ago by s.scottwhitmore

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