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Moment.js | Guides
There is a logical difference between time math and date math.
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1 hour ago by andrewn
linux - Date command go back to 30 days from a particular date - Stack Overflow
ADate=$(date -d"10 days ago" +Y%-%m-%d")
BDate=$(date -d"$ADate - 30 days" +%s)
echo $BDate
linux  bash  date 
2 days ago by baldguyken
How to change a file creation, modification, access dates of a file
# mtime: last modified date (modification: last file write)
# atime (access: last file read)
# ctime: change time (cannot be changed with touch because FS specific)
# creation date ( != ctime)

# Change file creation date on Mac
# setfile -d 'MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM[:SS]" file
setfile -d "12/31/2020 23:59:59" file

# Change mtime: last modified date
# touch -m -t "YYYYMMDD HHMM" file
touch -m -t "20201231 2359" file

# Change mtime and atime
# touch -t "YYYYMMDD HHMM" file
touch -t "20201231 2359" file

See setfile man page:

mac  macos  file  modify  change  access  date  creation  mtime  atime  inode  attribute  touch  setfile  from notes
5 days ago by ebouchut
"Touch" won't change file creation date -why? | MacRumors Forums
Thanks. Setfile is an option, but one I've put aside since it involves signing in and downloading the huge Xcode package, but reconsidering it after reading...
change  file  creation  date  mac  macos  create  modify  touch 
5 days ago by ebouchut
Trick or Treat - Thundersnow (pieprincess_andthe_fallenangel) - The Flash (TV 2014) [Archive of Our Own]
Only days after stealing the cold gun, Leonard Snart is tracked down by an ex-girlfriend and discovers that he is the father to a little 5-year-old girl with meta powers. As he struggles to balance his old life of crime with his new life as a father, Len finds love in the very man that could either save him or throw him even deeper underwater.
Barry is surprised to see Captain Cold show up on his doorstep this Halloween, his heart beating fast as he worries that Snart has discovered his identity. But that night, Barry sees a new side of Leonard that he never thought was possible.
TheFlash  Thundersnow  pieprincess_andthe_fallenangel  DC  CWDCverse  Barry/Len  first.time  kid-fic  season1  au  au:branching  date 
10 days ago by southerly
Powershell Get-date minus one day...
Formatting - .ToString()
powershell  date 
14 days ago by macgrrl

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