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Print SSL Certificate dates (start, end) expiration date
echo | openssl s_client -connect www.example.tld:443 2>/dev/null | openssl x509 -noout -dates
SSL  certificate  date  show  print  display  get  end  start  expiration 
1 hour ago by ebouchut
aweary/tinytime: ⏰ A straightforward date and time formatter in <1kb
A straightforward date and time formatter in <800b.

tinytime exports a single function that returns a template object. This object has a single method, render, which takes a Date and returns a string with the rendered data.
date  format  javascript  webdev 
18 hours ago by amason
Certificate Assessment | Qualys, Inc.
Next-generation cloud app for continuous monitoring, dynamic dashboarding and custom reporting of certificate issues and vulnerabilities
SSL  certificate  TLS  monitor  report  expiration  date  grade  issuer  name  vulnerability  security 
2 days ago by ebouchut
iamkun/dayjs: ⏰ Day.js 2KB immutable date library alternative to Moment.js with the same modern API
Day.js is a minimalist JavaScript library that parses, validates, manipulates, and displays dates and times for modern browsers with a largely Moment.js-compatible API. If you use Moment.js, you already know how to use Day.js.
javascript  library  date  time 
2 days ago by segfault
this could be heaven for everyone - Annie D (scaramouche) - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Love's Such an Old-Fashioned Word:
Steve gets the very brilliant idea that he and Tony should date, but Tony needs some convincing.

With Every Single Beat of My Heart:
A coda to Love’s Such an Old-Fashioned Word.
marvel  avengers  mcu  Steve/Tony  first.time  AnnieD  AoU  post-movie  pining  date 
3 days ago by southerly
2019 Mercury Retrograde Calendar
One of the most useful, relatively brief yet thorough explanations of Mercury rx I've seen #kudos
mercury  retrograde  reference  date  2019Q1  Q3  Q4  shadow  communication  business  travel  astrology 
3 days ago by csrollyson
Useful date and time utility functions for working with timetables.
javascript  time  date 
7 days ago by linuslundahl
strftimer - A Ruby strftime generator
Strftimer is a Ruby-based stftime generator. It's a useful way to generate your strftime directives from an example date or time.
date  datetime  programming  ruby  strftime  tool 
10 days ago by schmlblk

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