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The Onion -- Woman Takes Break From Dating To Focus On Everything About Herself No One Could Ever Love
'Explaining that some time away from relationships was exactly what she needed right now, local woman Jill Witmer, 32, took a break from dating Thursday to focus on everything about herself no one could ever love. “I think stepping away from the dating scene gives me the chance to really concentrate on every single one of my personal, emotional, and physical flaws that make me fundamentally incapable of being loved or appreciated,” said Witmer, explaining that spending time on dating apps and going to bars had only been a distraction from the innumerable details about her personality, hobbies, appearance, food preference, opinions, and education that would always drive potential mates away, no matter how hard she tries, and leave her desperate and pathetically alone for the rest of her life. “Besides, I’ve just been so busy lately endlessly dissecting my grating habits and worthless opinions that there’s no time for a relationship. And, hey, there’s no shame in staying home by myself on a Friday night, popping a bottle of wine, and really fixating on the innate traits that will ensure I die alone.” Witmer added that only after she had fully reflected on her own complete lack of self-worth would she finally be ready to get back out there and truly hate someone else.'
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3 days ago by adamcrowe
Why Getting Rich on My Own Made Me Like Younger Guys - Galore
When I was younger, I frequently, if not mostly, dated older gentlemen. It just made sense. They were more established, more mature, more able to accommodate the lifestyle I was into, and furthermore it was what I was attracted to at the time.
dating  tasha-reign 
5 days ago by lwhlihu
What Are Women’s Top Five Biggest Turn Ons? Tasha Reign Weighs In With Hers
Power. I absolutely LOVE aggressive, assertive men in my life! I think it’s probably because I’m such a boss-type myself. I enjoy someone who can actually play the strong manly role when we’re at home.

Confidence. This goes for both men and women. When you exude confidence, you instantly become way more attractive, more powerful, and well, just more my type!
tasha-reign  dating 
5 days ago by lwhlihu
10 Things She Wants to Hear You Say, According to a Girl
YOU LOOK GORGEOUS TODAY- Some rendition of this is always sweet and fabulous. Many women spend hours in the bathroom to look good for… themselves, but also for you!  Let her know you appreciate that, even if you think you already do, the words mean a lot!

WOW YOU ARE THE HOTTEST WOMAN I HAVE EVER SEEN- I just think every woman wants to be beautiful, but being hot… that’s a little different. That’s like your favorite model or porn star you’re whacking off to… so she will love it when you are talking about her!

CAN WE SNUGGLE? – This is thoughtful and sweet and shows that sex is not the only thing on your mind… even if it is. Girls want to be snuggled and shown affection, so do it!

I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU- Building up anticipation is fun and adds to a little foreplay action for later.

WHAT ARE WE DOING TOGETHER THIS WEEKEND?- This shows you are planning for the future and reserving your precious time for this special woman. Basically if there’s no pre-plan for me, I’M OUT!
tasha-reign  dating 
5 days ago by lwhlihu
11 Ways To Guarantee She Will Go On A Second Date, According To Tasha Reign
Call: Please call. I know its 2015. I know we text – as a generation and as a culture. I know calling seems weird, old school, and even creepy, but that’s not how I perceive it. I want to be hunted. I need a hunter. Please call to ask any girl out, including me –

Text the same night after you drop me off: You could give it an hour or so, but make sure I know you had fun with me. Compliment me and be sweet, both super simple things that boys forget!

Pick me up: Or at least offer to. It’s a nice gesture if the girl is comfortable with you and has met you before. Asking shows you’re thoughtful and you care a little… I have had losers not even ask how I got there or if I needed a ride home!

Ask for a second date: This is one of my number ones. Ask about the second date on the first date, and even suggest what you might do and when. Ask about her future schedule.

Imagine: While on the date, mention a concert or cool venue that you want to take her to in the future, or a moment you want to have in the future with her!

Pay for the date: Please don’t ask to go dutch or for her to pay. If you can’t afford to go out then stay in, cook, or do something outdoors.

Open doors: I love when my man opens the car door for me, as well as everywhere we walk together.

Cologne: Smell good, I can’t repeat that enough
tasha-reign  dating 
5 days ago by lwhlihu
Should The Guy Pay On A First Date?

Chivalry – Is not dead, I adore when a man treats me like the princess I am and takes me out on the town. Opening doors, being respectful, paying for dinner, compliments, the whole nine, I love it. It’s very much something I believe I was socialized to demand from men and therefore believe that if my date slips in this area, then he’s not actually interested in me as a person.
It’s a statement – It sets the tone for what is to come, the message is being sent “I want to get to know you and I want to treat you with respect, this is not just a hook up.”
Sex – I recently discovered that men pay for drinks and dinner in hopes to have sex. I know you think I am now either crazy or stupid but… you would be wrong. I just didn’t realize that was the fine print behind dinner until recently, oops. Well, it’s been working for centuries and many men are getting laid after they take their ladies out so why break the pattern now?
Tradition – It’s just the way its always been, there is something sexy and strong about tradition. It sets gender roles and history in their place and it is what our society is accustom too.
tasha-reign  dating 
5 days ago by lwhlihu
Men of AskMen: does anyone [incorrectly] think you're gay because you have no luck with women +other reasons? : AskMen
"I'm an attractive guy who just so happens to have no relationship/flirting skills. I literally cannot tell if someone likes me, and I have no way of telling someone that I like them. Women have tried to hook up with me, but I've always managed to screw it up one way or another.

For some weird reason, I'm also really really ashamed of being attracted to women. I really don't like to admit that I am. It's some sort of sexual shame that I have. I realize that it's completely irrational, but I can't avoid feeling like it.

Because of these reasons, I've never expressed attraction to a woman to my family, never brought a girl home, never gone to a school dance with a girl. My parents either think I'm deeply closeted, or asexual. I'm neither."


"I hope you know that I'll love you completely even if you're not straight."

"Mom, I'm not gay! I just have zero game!"


Fascinating comments. So many people having the same experience, including women.
relationships  dating  gender  men  women  parenting  sex  funny 
8 days ago by cmananian
You're Doing First Dates Wrong. Here's What You Should Be Doing Instead -
Here is the blunt truth: Busy people will make the time if they’re genuinely interested.
relationships  dating 
10 days ago by cmananian
How to Know if a Woman Wants You to Stop Hitting on Her | GQ
A very non-exhaustive primer to very obvious verbal and non-verbal clues.
dating  social  howto  feminism  beware  article  gq 
11 days ago by aeng

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