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Published on Oct 28, 2012 ZEN:MUSIC FOR BALANCE AND RELAXATION[FULL ALBUM]HD--CD1 01. Dawn 02. Flower 03. Moon 04. Feng Shui 05. Daylight 06. Stone Garden 07. Snow 08. Twilight 09. Birds 10. Fire 11. Wind 12. The Milky Way 13. Dusk CD2 01. Path to Enlightnement 02. Satori 03. Ambrosial Dew 04. Zazen 05. Azure Skies 06. The Songbird 07. Love and Devotion 08. Reunion of Joy 09. Amidst the Cherry Blossoms 10. Answered by Silence 11. The Sacred Shrine 12. The Gateless Gate 13. Perpetual Peace jwunschie14 1 week ago I recommend this to anyone who simply needs an afternoon, or hour of healing and recuperation. This idea still seems foreign to most of our society, but I firmly believe such periods will become increasingly more common, as we discover how important spiritual balance is to our overall well being. Namaste youtube
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