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What Went Down At Davos: Q&A With Knotel CEO Amol Sarva (Bisnow, 2/5/2020)
The 2020 gathering in Davos had high-flying aspirations. Here are the major takeaways for commercial real estate.
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7 weeks ago by davidkoren
In Davos, my only message was to abolish billionaires
People are tired and angry from all of this hypocrisy, of billionaires and CEOs gathering in Davos to fight inequality in their name, when in reality, these same billionaires and CEOs directly cause their misery. At the same time as Davos, a Global Protest to #FightInequality took place in over 30 countries around the world. Their demands for dignity and justice include: universal education, health and nutrition, social security, redistributive tax policies, dignified jobs, radical action on climate change and more.

The world is rising against inequality and the billionaire class cannot lead this revolution — despite all of their futile talks in Davos. Solutions to this mess are not something we can find Davos, they are elsewhere — in the streets of Delhi and Guadalajara, where people are demanding justice and pounding the alarm for radical change.

Talk like this isn’t always welcome in Davos, I know. But I’m serious about fighting inequality, and I headed into the proverbial belly of the beast to do so. I may not get invited back, but they know what they have to do if they want to get serious about fighting inequality.
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8 weeks ago by jimmerricks
The welcomed teenage change-makers to the Annual Meeting in this week

Anishinaabe water…
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9 weeks ago by jonCates
RT : Unser reizendes, turboschnelles Videoteam ist nach gedüst, um ein paar Milliardäre zu fragen, wie s…
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9 weeks ago by springfeld
This is why won't save us:

Among the people least qualified to improve the state of the world are those who…
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9 weeks ago by romac
Prezydent podsumował trzydniową wizytę w , gdzie wziął udział w Światowym Forum Ekonomicznym.

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9 weeks ago by piotrwojcicki
Greta is in saying again that the world will end in 8 years.

Who is Greta?

Her mother, Malena E…
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9 weeks ago by piotrwojcicki

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