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Noria: data-flow for high-performance web applications
Noria is a new streaming data-flow system designed to act as a fast storage backend for read-heavy web applications based on this paper from OSDI'18. It acts like a database, but precomputes and caches relational query results so that reads are blazingly fast. Noria automatically keeps cached results up-to-date as the underlying data, stored in persistent base tables, change. Noria uses partially-stateful data-flow to reduce memory overhead, and supports dynamic, runtime data-flow and query change.
rust  db  mysql 
5 days ago by ghiden
Flyway by Redgate • Database Migrations Made Easy.
Version control for your database.
Robust schema evolution across all your environments.
With ease, pleasure and plain SQL.
database  db  tools 
12 days ago by bradendouglass

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