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earHD - Upgrade your ears
A passive hearing device that increases detail and reduces distracting ambient noise
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6 weeks ago by jonathanheron
DeafSpace – Gallaudet University
DEAFSPACE principles here: (acoustics as sample) Deaf individuals experience many different kinds and degrees of hearing levels.  Many use assistive devices such as hearing aids or cochlear implants to enhance sound.  No matter the level of hearing, many deaf people do sense sound in a way that can be a major distraction, especially for individuals with assistive hearing devices.  Reverberation caused by sound waves reflected by hard building surfaces can be especially distracting, even painful, for individuals using assistive devices. Spaces should be designed to reduce reverberation and other sources of background noise.
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june 2019 by ablerism
Products to help at work | Action on Hearing Loss
These assistive listening technology will help you to participate in meetings, talk on the phone and socially interact with people at work.
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january 2019 by andyscotuk
Your rights at work | Action on Hearing Loss
If you've hearing loss, your employer has a duty to make adjustments so you're not put at a disadvantage. You could also be eligible for an Access to work grant
hearing  loss  deafness 
january 2019 by andyscotuk

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