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National Enquirer parent, staunch Trump backer, faces mounting debt, shrinking sales • WSJ
Lukas Alpert:
<p>The National Enquirer’s parent company, American Media Inc., has said the tabloid’s plentiful and positive coverage of President Donald Trump has been good for business.

If so, it hasn’t been enough to boost the company’s overall performance.

Nonpublic AMI financial reports reviewed by The Wall Street Journal reveal a company with ballooning debt, falling revenue and shrinking newsstand sales at its print magazines, including the flagship Enquirer as well as OK! and Star.

Revenue for the fiscal year that ended in March 2017 was $203.8m, down 9% from the prior year and 29% from 2014, when the company completed a substantial restructuring. Its outstanding debt load stood at $920m at the end of December. Acquisitions of Us Weekly and Men’s Journal in 2017 helped increase revenue in the first three quarters of fiscal 2018 to $195.5m, from $154m in the year-earlier period, but they also added more than $100m in debt.

Aggressive cost-cutting has kept AMI hovering around profitability on an operating basis, but the company has routinely booked quarterly and annual losses in the tens of millions of dollars due to amortization costs related to its debt, the financial reports show.</p>

This graphic shows the average sold per week by the National Enquirer when it has/had Trump/Clinton on the cover. (There's more detail, including specific covers - "Hillary's Hitman Tells All!" is the highest peak, and "Hillary Gains 103 Lbs!" the second biggest-selling anti-Clinton cover. The biggest-selling Trump cover (over on the left) is "The Donald Trump Nobody Knows!"

<img src="" width="100%" />

But.. $920m of debt. That's quite some gearing.
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Why Bitcoin Will Never Be the Dominant Form of Money - Pragmatic Capitalism
¹ – The anti bank arguments are especially painful to read coming from Silicon Valley’s venture capitalists. These venture capitalists are literally structured as non-bank financial firms. They are basically banks who charge hedge fund style fees for giving firms access to credit. They take the very most valuable asset an entrepreneur has (their equity in the firm) and charge their investors fees all along the way. The term “vulture capitalist” is not a mistake – these firms are modern day banks providing a necessary good, but also doing so by charging their investors huge sums. You don’t get to act like a really, really expensive bank and then turn around and attack banks.
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3 days ago by jackveiga
the financial health of young Americans is NOT improving with the rest of the economy. Student debt is a big culpri…
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Capitalism and Freedom - Wikipedia
Milton Friedman in Capitalism and Freedom:

"Despite the importance of enterprises and money in our actual economy, and despite the numerous and complex problems they raise, the central characteristic of the market technique of achieving coordination is fully displayed in the simple exchange economy that contains neither enterprises nor money."

Obwohl in der heutigen Wirtschaft Unternehmen & Geld wichtig sind & viele komplexe Probleme aufwerfen.
spielt das keine Rolle für die "Markt-Technik um Koordination herzustellen"
(d.h. Arbeitsteilung & Gesellschaftliches Zusammenwirken).
Diese "Markt-Technik" hat eine "zentrale Charakteristik":
nämlich "die simple Austausch-Wirtschaft",
die weder Unternehmen noch Geld enthält.

Das ist also die Idee einer verkapselten Wirtschaft:
ihr Kern ("zentral") ist die "simple Austausch-Wirtschaft",
aus der ergibt sich die Logik der Koordination.
Alles andere kommt danach hinzu und macht es komplizierter.
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