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How to stop using console.log() and start using your browser’s debugger
Breakpoints, Watch Expressions, Step Through and Over, Check Variable Values, Apply Fixes.
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16 hours ago by lenards
Orca: differential bug localization in large-scale services | the morning paper |
not really debugging: Orca is designed to support on-call engineers (OCEs) in quickly figuring out the change (commit) that introduced a bug to a service so that it can be backed out.

"The first step is to tokenize the terms from the presenting symptoms, using heuristics specially built for code and log messages"

created "build provenance graph". analyzes commits. creates differential code analysis to prune search space (ASTs of old and new versions).

looks extemely hacky yet interesting, and claims to make a signficant different for Microsoft's online rollout.
2 days ago by jd

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