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Learn This One Weird 🙊 Trick To Debug CSS – freeCodeCamp
Hi! 👋 I’m Zaydek! When I first set out to learn how to make websites, it was far more painful than anticipated. After all, I’m an experienced graphic designer and programmer — how could websites be…
css  debugging  webdev  tools  web 
2 days ago by lenards
angr, a binary analysis framework
angr is a python framework for analyzing binaries. It combines both static and dynamic symbolic ("concolic") analysis, making it applicable to a variety of tasks.

As an introduction to angr's capabilities, here are some of the things that you can do using angr and the tools built with it:

Control-flow graph recovery. show code
Symbolic execution. show
security  python  assembly  opensource  software  debugging  profdev 
3 days ago by Chirael

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