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Nice idea--syndicate a few posts from weblogs you like on your own weblog. This is a bit of code to accomplish that.
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2 days ago by pb
The Web We Have to Save – Matter – Medium
"Six years was a long time to be in jail, but it’s an entire era online. Writing on the internet itself had not changed, but reading — or, at least, getting things read — had altered dramatically. I’d been told how essential social networks had become while I’d been gone, and so I knew one thing: If I wanted to lure people to see my writing, I had to use social media now.
So I tried to post a link to one of my stories on Facebook. Turns out Facebook didn’t care much. It ended up looking like a boring classified ad. No description. No image. Nothing. It got three likes. Three! That was it.
It became clear to me, right there, that things had changed. I was not equipped to play on this new turf — all my investment and effort had burned up. I was devastated."

"Nearly every social network now treats a link as just the same as it treats any other object — the same as a photo, or a piece of text — instead of seeing it as a way to make that text richer."
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3 days ago by jschneider
De-Googling My Life
Recently I've spent some time changing my habits and changing the online services that I use so that I am less dependent on Google to participate in the internet. I've written before that advertising as we know it is not actually advertising [] but surveillance. Since Google's business model is inextricably connected to modern advertising (A.K.A. surveillance marketing I felt it was time to start distancing myself from its products and ser
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3 days ago by bradbarrish
IPFS, Again -
An overextended, under-documented, and unfinished constellation of projects. No single part of the ecosystem is truly finished and well-documented, and new parts are spawned every day. Projects that are almost universally avoided – like IPNS – are still included in the main documentation and recommended as if they’re usable.

The same goes for language: IPFS has a sprawling set of jargon that’s inconsistently used. Is it merkledag or merkle-dag? There are enough terms that there’s a glossary, but the glossary itself refers to both merkle-dag and merkledag. Is a node a peer or a piece of content? A low point was discovering two repos whose readmes referred to each other as the same thing.
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5 days ago by MF_reads
Why Some Platforms Thrive and Others Don’t
Great explanation of technical network properties and their latent effects on the community.
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6 days ago by seanclynch
De-Googling My Life
On my to-do list. Yep, this is seeming more possible every day.
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6 days ago by pb
IPFS, Again
So what should we expect of IPFS? At five years old, is this a project that’s usable ‘here and now’, as the homepage promised in 2017? Are all the parts in place, just waiting for web and application developers to see the light? Have the stumbling blocks I noticed in 2017 been smoothed over? No. IPFS is still not usable for websites.
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9 days ago by mikael

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