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CABINET // Deception as a Way of Knowing: A Conversation with Anthony Grafton
Anxiety about deception runs deep in the philosophical and religious traditions of Europe, and new techniques for mastering this fear mark episodes in the history of the modern world. Over the course of the nineteenth century, both the playfulness and the peril of deceit came to be distanced from the sphere of rational inquiry: the sciences ceased to have much use for legerdemain; metaphysicians lost interest in the theater. But it was not always so, as the conversation below with Anthony Grafton suggests. Grafton is the Henry Putnam University Professor of History at Princeton University and the author of a shelf of major works on the­ Renaissance, classical scholarship, ­and the history of science, including Forgers and Critics: Creativity and Duplicity in Western Scholarship (Princeton University Press, 1990).­ ­D. Graham Burnett, editor at Cabinet and also professor of history at Princeton, sat down with Grafton to discuss his work on deception and forgery­.
humanities  history  deception  forgery  rather-interesting  to-think-on  the-mangle-in-practice  mastery  mystery  reconfiguration 
2 days ago by Vaguery
Lying in Politics: Hannah Arendt on Deception, Self-Deception, and the Psychology of Defactualization – Brain Pickings
"No matter how large the tissue of falsehood that an experienced liar has to offer, it will never be large enough ... to cover the immensity of factuality."
deception  truth  philosophy  media  politics  vrandtruth18 
4 days ago by basemaly
Carl Sagan's "Baloney Detection Kit": A Toolkit That Can Help You Scientifically Separate Sense from Nonsense | Open Culture
Given the embarrassing wealth of access to information and educational tools, maybe it’s fair to say that the first and last line of defense should be our own critical reasoning. When we fail to verify news—using resources we all have in hand (I assume, since you’re reading this), the fault for believing bad information may lie with us.
thinking  deception  truth  conspiracy  video  vrandtruth18 
4 days ago by basemaly
Billionaires Are the Leading Cause of Climate Change | GQ
"Even today, after literally decades of radical libertarian billionaires fostering disbelief in climate change and skepticism about the government, three out of five Americans believe climate change affects their local community. That number climbs to two-thirds on the coasts. Even the Trump administration now admits that climate change is real, but their response to it is dead-eyed acceptance. If popular support actually influenced public policy, there would have been more decisive action from the U.S. government years ago. But the fossil-fuel industry's interests are too well-insulated by the mountains of cash that have been converted into lobbyists, industry-shilling Republicans and Democrats, and misinformation. To them, the rest of the world is just kindling. "
climate  deception  truth  capitalism  business  environment 
4 days ago by basemaly
Netherlands in a ‘cyberwar’ with Russia, says defence minister — World — The Guardian Nigeria Newspaper – Nigeria and World News
The Netherlands is in a ‘cyberwar’ with Russia, Defence Minister Ank Bijleveld told Dutch television Sunday, speaking in the wake of an alleged hacking attempt by four Russians in The Hague. “What happened is really dangerous,” Bijleveld told Dutch broadcaster NPO, referring to the incident, which happened in April outside the headquarters of the Organisation […]
cyberwar  espionage  deception  hacking  politics  russia 
4 days ago by basemaly
Was There a Connection Between a Russian Bank and the Trump Campaign? | The New Yorker
A team of computer scientists sifted through records of unusual Web traffic in search of answers, Dexter Filkins writes.
politics  deception  cyberwar  russia 
12 days ago by basemaly
What the New Sokal Hoax Reveals About Academia - The Atlantic
As a number of academics pointed out on Twitter, for example, all of the papers submitted to sociology journals were rejected. For now, it remains unlikely that the American Sociological Review or the American Political Science Review would have fallen for anything resembling “Our Struggle Is My Struggle,” a paper modeled on the infamous book with a similar title.
deception  academia 
14 days ago by craniac
Peter Pomerantsev · Putin’s Rasputin · LRB 20 October 2011
This fusion of despotism and postmodernism, in which no truth is certain, is reflected in the craze among the Russian elite for neuro-linguistic programming and Eriksonian hypnosis: types of subliminal manipulation based largely on confusing your opponent, first developed in the US in the 1960s. There are countless NLP and Eriksonian training centres in Moscow, with every wannabe power-wielder shelling out thousands of dollars to learn how to be the next master manipulator. Newly translated postmodernist texts give philosophical weight to the Surkovian power model.
deception  truth  russia  vrandtruth18 
28 days ago by basemaly
Secrets and Lies of the Bailout – Rolling Stone
So what exactly did the bailout accomplish? It built a banking system that discriminates against community banks, makes Too Big to Fail banks even Too Bigger to Failier, increases risk, discourages sound business lending and punishes savings by making it even easier and more profitable to chase high-yield investments than to compete for small depositors. The bailout has also made lying on behalf of our biggest and most corrupt banks the official policy of the United States government. And if any one of those banks fails, it will cause another financial crisis, meaning we’re essentially wedded to that policy for the rest of eternity – or at least until the markets call our bluff, which could happen any minute now.
finance  crash  crisis  bailout  banks  FRB  deception  BernankeBen  PaulsonHank  SummersLarry  reform  regulation  viability  corruption  fraud  secrecy 
4 weeks ago by petej
Academic publishing is a mess and it makes culture wars dumber / Boing Boing
Sokal was a scientist deliberately trolling the pompous appropriation of scientific terminology by sociologists. In these new papers, the authors sincerely believe in their work, but face accusations of shoddiness and inappropriate abstraction. Sokal was presented as evidence of academic fraudulence; the recent examples as evidence of academic censorship.
publishing  university  science  research  failure  deception 
5 weeks ago by basemaly
Apparently, QAnon has mapped out every conspiracy and how they all work to make Donald Trump awesome. See: it all makes sense! If you’re smart enough …
infographic  conspiracy  deception 
5 weeks ago by basemaly
Facebook's War on Bullshit Is Not Going Well—We Talked to the Fact Checkers on the Front Lines
Facebook’s program currently includes 17 countries. They are all certified by the International Fact-Checking Network, a non-partisan unit of the Poynter Institute launched in September 2015. Several fact-checkers participating in the program confirmed to Gizmodo that Facebook is paying them as part of the agreement., for instance, breaks down the funding it receives in a financial disclosure, which reveals that Facebook paid the organization $188,881 during the 2018 fiscal year, which ended June 30, 2018.
socialnetwork  deception  business  privacy 
7 weeks ago by basemaly
The consequences of indecency | TechCrunch
The goal was to protect the unique ability of the internet to be the proverbial marketplace of ideas while ensuring that mainstream sites could reflect the ethics of society as a whole. In general, this has been a success — with one glaring exception. I never expected that internet CEOs would fail to understand one simple principle: that an individual endorsing (or denying) the extermination of millions of people, or attacking the victims of horrific crimes or the parents of murdered children, is far more indecent than an individual posting pornography.
speech  socialnetwork  politics  deception 
8 weeks ago by basemaly

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