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an example of very detailed logo guidance. see also the footnotes section, which provides documentation about the history of decisionmaking.
logo  branding  identity  documentation  decisionmaking 
8 days ago by frankfarm
Argyris' Model 2 Values
Argyris' Model 2 Values

Chris Argyris at Harvard identified four common values that drive people that he called the Model 1 Theory-in-use, to differentiate it from the more saintly Espoused Theory ...
values  traits  decisions  DecideWhatToDo  decisionmaking  from notes
11 days ago by rhaley
[Internal Memo] Principles for Decision-Making in a Flat Organization
How can non-hierarchical teams balance transparency and openness to feedback with making decisions quickly? Practical thoughts from a back-end team leader...
business  decisions  leadership  management  decisionmaking 
25 days ago by phillias
Fully automated decision making AI systems: the right to human intervention and other safeguards
In addition to being a compliance requirement, this is also an opportunity for organisations to improve the performance of their AI systems and, in turn, build data subjects’ trust in them. However, if grave or frequent mistakes are identified, organisations will need to take immediate steps to understand and rectify the underlying issues and, if necessary, suspend the use of the automated system.
ICO  AI  machinelearning  automation  decisionmaking  rights  guide  GDPR  dataprotection  dataprotectionbydesign 
5 weeks ago by corrickwales
Decision-making: why smart people make bad choices - Vox
A doctor explains how our brains can trick us into making bad choices — and how to fight back.
decisionmaking  Psychology 
5 weeks ago by jorgebarba
Lessons learned from accident and near-accident experiences in traffic - ScienceDirect
Individuals who had encountered repeated near-accidents showed a DECREASE in safe driving, confirming that near-misses are booked as successes, fostering complacency.
nearmisses  accidents  mistakes  decisionmaking 
7 weeks ago by Walpole

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