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What Kind of Dog Is It - Using TensorFlow on Mobile Device
It turns out that following the steps in the codelab above and then replacing the images with the Stanford Dogs Dataset to classify a dog on a command line in my computer is pretty straightforward, but it takes a lot more effort to finally be able to successfully run the classification on my iPhone. Below is the step-by-step summary of the whole process I went through...
ML  deep-learning 
2 days ago by rcyphers
A Neural Network Turned a Book of Flowers Into Shockingly Lovely Dinosaur Art, 'powered by an algorithm developed by Leon Gatys and a team from the University of Tübingen in Germany', did a really amazing job here
art  dinosaurs  ai  plants  deep-learning  graphics  cool 
3 days ago by jm
Deep Learning for Brand Logo Detection – Florian Teschner – YaDS (Yet another Data Scientist)
A year ago, I used Google’s Vision API to detect brand logos in images. Since then the DIY deep learning possibilities in R have vastly improved. With the release of Keras for R, one of the key deep learning frameworks is now available at your R fingertips.
images  r  deep-learning  keras 
4 days ago by Tafkas
Trust, confidence and Verifiable Data Audit | DeepMind
Data can be a powerful force for social progress, helping our most important institutions to improve how they serve their communities. As cities, hospitals, and transport systems find new ways to understand what people need from them, they’re unearthing opportunities to change how they work today and identifying exciting ideas for the future.
healthcare  blockchain  data  deep-learning  DeepMind  machine-learning 
5 days ago by PieroRivizzigno

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