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Google AI Blog: Improving Deep Learning Performance with AutoAugment
Our AutoAugment algorithm found augmentation policies for some of the most well-known computer vision datasets that, when incorporated into the training of the neural network, led to state-of-the-art accuracies. By augmenting ImageNet data we obtain a new state-of-the-art accuracy of 83.54% top1 accuracy and on CIFAR10 we achieve an error rate of 1.48%, which is a 0.83% improvement over the default data augmentation designed by scientists. On SVHN, we improved the state-of-the-art error from 1.30% to 1.02%. Importantly, AutoAugment policies are found to be transferable — the policy found for the ImageNet dataset could also be applied to other vision datasets (Stanford Cars, FGVC-Aircraft, etc.), which in turn improves neural network performance.
ai  deeplearning  ml  training  autoaugment 
2 hours ago by euler
Facebook just released DensePose, a model and an associated dataset to map a 3d representation of hum…
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7 hours ago by bob
Enhancing OSM Maps using Machine Learning & Big Data – OpenStreetMap @ Telenav
One of our main goals here at Telenav is to constantly improve the maps we are using in our applications and services Having very detailed and accurate maps is of fundamental importance if we want to build high-quality and precise routing applications, ADAS systems or self-driving guidance software. In this post we’re going to talk…
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yesterday by ohnice
GitHub - trailbehind/DeepOSM: Train a deep learning net with OpenStreetMap features and satellite imagery.
GitHub is where people build software. More than 28 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 85 million projects.
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yesterday by ohnice
Learning AI if You Suck at Math – Hacker Noon
Maybe you’d love to dig deeper and get an image recognition program running in TensorFlow or Theano? Perhaps you’re a kick-ass developer or systems architect and you know computers incredibly well…
ai  machine  learning  deeplearning  math  learn  !great  books  machinelearning 
2 days ago by alexmc

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