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deepmind/graph_nets: Build Graph Nets in Tensorflow
Build Graph Nets in Tensorflow. Contribute to deepmind/graph_nets development by creating an account on GitHub.
graph  deep-learning  graphs  google  deepmind  github  tensorflow 
19 days ago by nharbour
A Google intern's BigGAN AI makes super realistic images
“truncation trick” to create even more realistic images. This lowers the random numbers that the generator uses to create its images, essentially telling it to focus on getting really good at one type of image–like that of a cocker spaniel staring right at you–rather than generating a bunch of other types of images of cocker spaniels....“The bad news is that it used roughly enough energy to power Cleveland for the afternoon.”
biggan  gan  ai  machine-learning  images  google  DeepMind  data  energy 
20 days ago by jomc

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