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delimiter - Reading null delimited strings through a Bash loop - Stack Overflow
Say you're trying to assign the output of 'find -print0' to an array. Turns out you can't set IFS to the null string (even using the old Bourne shell trick of $'\0'); see

This works OK, though:
In bash you can use a here-string

<code class="language-bash">
while IFS= read -r -d '' line ; do
# Code here
done <<<"$var"

Note that you should inline the IFS= and just use -d '' but make sure there is a space between the 'd' and the first single-quote. Also, add the -r flag to ignore escapes.

Also, this isn't part of your question but might I suggest a better way to do your script when using find; it uses process substitution.

<code class="language-bash">
while IFS= read -r -d '' file; do
# Arbitrary operations on "$file" here
done < <(find /some/path -type f -print0)
bash  arrays  delimiter  shellscripting  syntax  solution 
november 2017 by kme
Text File formats – ASCII Delimited Text – Not CSV or TAB delimited text | Ronald Duncan's Blog
ASCII delimited text solves the problems exporting and importing structured text files and is part of the design of the character set. Unfortunately a lot of people and systems use CSV and other printable delimiters such as tab that are broken by design.
ascii  csv  tsv  delimiter 
october 2017 by clehene
unix - How to delete a column/columns of a CSV file which has cell values with a string enclosed in double quotes - Stack Overflow

I had the same issue as you Dhruuv, the solution proposed by jaypal singh is correct but wasn't working for all my cases. I recommend you to use : (Enables common unix utlities like cut, head, tail to work correctly with csv data containing delimiters and newlines) this worked for me.
csv  textprocessing  delimiter  solution 
april 2017 by kme
iiNet's NBN HFC trials will soon kick off in Queensland | Delimiter
The NBN will be run over the same physical cable as the existing Telstra/Optus internet service. While Telstra/Optus coexists providing internet over the cable (purportedly for around 18 months after NBN HFC launches) NBN is being allocated only small portion of the spectrum. Downstream its 128MHz on Telstra (813Mbps) and 64MHz on Optus (406Mbps); upstream both get around 20MHz (82Mbps). The majority of the spectrum remains allocated for Pay TV and related services; the internet/data allocations only increase to 192MHz & 45MHz after the coexistence period ends.

In case it wasn’t clear, these numbers represent the entire bandwidth available to NBN HFC customers sharing a node in the post-launch coexistence period; during this period NBNCo is targeting 900 users per node :( Huge congestion / oversubscription issues for the foreseeable future unfortunately…
Delimiter  NBN  HFC  Telstra  Optus 
june 2016 by coffeebucket
Worst of the worst: Send us all your FTTN node photos | Delimiter
Right around Australia, right now, the NBN company and its contractor are deploying thousands upon thousands of brand Fibre to the Node cabinets and micronodes.

Sometimes the NBN company gets it right. The node cabinet is deployed in an out of the way corner, in a part of a neighbourhood where nobody will notice it, and it won’t get in anyone’s way.
NBN  Australia  Delimiter  FTTN  security 
may 2016 by coffeebucket
Photos: NBN Co leaves FTTN 'micronode' completely open to public access | Delimiter
The rollout of the Coalition’s preferred Fibre to the Node technology has suffered another setback, with the revelation that the NBN company is leaving ‘micronode’ infrastructure completely open to public access, in a substantial security breach.
NBN  FTTN  Australia  Delimiter  security 
may 2016 by coffeebucket
Free Online Comma Separator Tool
Free Comma Separating Tool Do you often need to take a spreadsheet of data and convert to a comma-delimited list? Be it for taking a list of zip codes or names to make an SQL query, or to take data from a CSV and be able to paste into an array. At we make that just a little easier. Enter you
ifttt  delicious  pinboard  column  comma  delimiter  tool 
october 2015 by aahner
CSV To Delimited Converter
csv to csv converter in different formats
csv  converter  tab  delimiter  online  toolbox  sheet  text  file 
september 2015 by yolk
linux - Unix Sort with Tab Delimiter - Stack Overflow
I banged my head against the wall for a while until I found this one!

# To sort on the 2nd field (numeric)
LC_ALL=C sort -t$'\t' -k2,2 -n names_ages.txt
field  line  file  tabulation  problem  sort  delimiter  tab  linux  numeric  workaround  starred  separator  command  solution  issue 
june 2015 by ebouchut

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