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Grab and Shopee strike same-day delivery deal in Manila
Filipinos can now purchase goods from Sea’s ecommerce portal Shopee and have them delivered on the same day by Grab, thanks to a match-up announced by the two companies yesterday.
The partnership points to Grab’s ambitions in Southeast Asia’s growing last-mile logistics market, where a number of tech startups are looking to piggyback on the regional ecommerce boom.
apac  ecommerce  delivery  partnerships 
11 hours ago by dancall
Superb design. Great idea for a company.
business  service  supplier  packaging  fulfilment  delivery  museuminabox 
yesterday by george08
Wine Cases
Аналог Инвизибла
alco  delivery 
yesterday by yurapekov
Financing health services for refugee populations: how to pay the bill? | Investing in Health
Irina Nikolic, Senior Health Specialist, World Bank, highlighted
opportunities for innovative technologies to facilitate effective service
delivery for refugees in weaker health systems and humanitarian crises.
Using mobile-based tools, Dimagi <> provides
community health workers with support for diagnosis and management in rural
and remote areas. Drones for Humanity <> also
enable humanitarian agencies to deliver aid , including medical supplies,
in otherwise inaccessible regions efficiently. Furthermore, virtual health
workers, enabled by artificial intelligence, could provide health services
in systems with acute shortages in skilled human resource for health. These
and other similar technologies provide promising alternatives for service
delivery  to  refugees  in  contexts  that  face  human  resource  constraints. 
2 days ago by gitteheij
How e-commerce with drone delivery is taking flight in China - Manna from heaven
It is a link in a new kind of logistics chain, the world’s first operational drone-delivery programme for consumer e-commerce. While Amazon, an American company, has put out numerous promotional videos on its drone-delivery plans, it will not start commercial operations until at least 2020. Meanwhile, has spent the past year building a real drone-delivery network covering 100 villages in rural China with 40 drones. Zhangwei currently receives a couple of drops each day, each box containing several packages ordered through JD’s shopping app. Thanks to JD’s drones, which operate autonomously with no human guidance but are monitored remotely, villagers in Zhangwei can expect delivery on the same day that they place an order, like urban shoppers in Beijing, New York or London.
apac  delivery  drones  future  ecommerce 
3 days ago by dancall
Ford tests autonomous on-demand delivery with Postmates | TechCrunch
Ford is teaming up with startup Postmates to pilot test autonomous on-demand delivery in Miami and Miami Beach, Fla. The pilot program includes 70 businesses like Coyo Taco

Ford is also testing vehicle designs with multiple lockers in order to be able to serve more than one customer per delivery route. Since Postmates handles anything from food to hardware, the lockers are a variety of sizes.
automotive  robots  ai  partnerships  delivery  future  trends 
9 days ago by dancall
Deliveroo takes aim at Just Eat with new marketplace feature | City A.M.
Deliveroo has announced a new feature which will add 5,000 new restaurants to its platform and hot up competition with Just Eat.
Restaurants which handle their own delivery will now be able to list on Deliveroo alongside restaurants which deliver food through Deliveroo's rider network.
This puts Deliveroo in direct competition with Just Eat, which up until recently only listed restaurants which have their own delivery team.
food  delivery 
9 days ago by dancall
Jack Ma: Alibaba Bets Big on Logistics |
Alibaba Executive Chairman Jack Ma said Thursday the group will invest billions of dollars to build the technical backbone for a smart logistics network aimed at improving delivery reach and efficiency, as well as sharply driving down costs.

“This network is not only national, but global,” said Ma. “[We want to] connect every courier, connect every warehouse, every hub, every city and every house.”

Ma said the target of Cainiao Network, Alibaba’s logistics arm, is to eventually ensure single-day delivery across China and 72-hour delivery to the rest of the world. At present, Cainiao has reduced cross-border shipping times from an average of 70 days to less than 10 days for some countries. Within China, Cainiao’s single-day and second-day delivery now covers 1,500 counties and districts.

Cainiao’s smart network should push logistics costs, which currently comprise about 15% of China’s gross domestic product, down to under 5%. He noted the figure is around 7% to 8% of GDP in countries with more-developed logistics systems.
alibaba  delivery  ai  trends  future 
16 days ago by dancall
СДЭК — курьерская служба доставки
Вроде они самые дешевые по России
16 days ago by yurapekov
Home - Running Tap
Taproom exclusive beers. Not in liquor stores. Delivered to you.

Support local | Drink better

No middle-man. No Price Mark-ups. Just the locals across Msp.
beer  wine  delivery  minnesota 
16 days ago by jeffjensen
Invisible asymptotes — Remains of the Day
People hate paying for shipping. They despise it. It may sound banal, even self-evident, but understanding that was, I'm convinced, so critical to much of how we unlocked growth at Amazon over the years.

People don't just hate paying for shipping, they hate it to literally an irrational degree. We know this because our first attempt to address this was to show, in the shopping cart and checkout process, that even after paying shipping, customers were saving money over driving to their local bookstore to buy a book because, at the time, most Amazon customers did not have to pay sales tax. That wasn't even factoring in the cost of getting to the store, the depreciation costs on the car, and the value of their time.
ecommerce  delivery  amazon  new-companies  how-to 
18 days ago by dancall

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