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Azure version of the eShopOnContainers
eShopOnContainers - Microservices Architecture and Containers based Reference Application (BETA state - Visual Studio 2017 and CLI environments compatible)
azure  github  dotnet  reference  microsoft  cloud  demo  containers 
yesterday by geekzter
This project shows how to build "micro" applications with Spring and Spring Boot - the smallest, functional units, with the fewest dependencies and fastest start times
springboot  demo  micro  serverless  functional 
4 days ago by wjy
50 years ago, Doug Engelbart's 'Mother of All Demos' transformed tech
On Dec. 9, 1968, Douglas Engelbart held the first public demonstration of word processing, text messaging, and a weird little device dubbed a "mouse."
history  computer  demo  bestPractices 
8 days ago by basemaly
Tailwind Traders Demo
This release intends to share a simplified version of the reference sample apps used at Connect(); 2018 Keynotes.
microsoft  demo  github  aks  microservices  azure  cloud  k8s  conference 
11 days ago by geekzter

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