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dependencies or devDependencies?
Let’s say that we’re using a continuous deployment service. If we set NODE_ENV to production and webpack is listed under devDependencies (like in many codebases I have seen), the build will fail because webpack won’t get installed. However, if we correctly divide our dependencies, deploys will take a little less time because we are only installing the dependencies that we need.
javascript  npm  dependencies  devdependencies 
6 days ago by spaceninja
research!rsc: Our Software Dependency Problem
"Software dependencies carry with them serious risks that are too often overlooked. The shift to easy, fine-grained software reuse has happened so quickly that we do not yet understand the best practices for choosing and using dependencies effectively, or even for deciding when they are appropriate and when not."
dependencies  programming  software 
17 days ago by mattgrayson
Structuring Applications for Growth

Separate out your domain language in your root package
Isolate your dependencies in subpackages
Provides mocks to isolate your tests
Commands bring together dependencies
golang  packaging  packages  dependencies  cyclical 
24 days ago by hellsten
How to Set Up a Private Maven Repository in Amazon S3
Amazon S3 is a perfect place for keeping private Maven artifacts, automatically deploying them there, and making them available through
amazon  dependencies  java  maven  private  repository  s3  s3auth  s3wagon 
4 weeks ago by devnulled
README/ at master · artsy/README
In general we want to have a conservative dependency policy, which can be summed up as: (1) Is it worth the time it saves? (In terms of API surface area, runtime cost, complexity.) (2) Does it neatly fit the current problem domain, and are we likely to use the other parts? (3) If it becomes un-maintained, can we take over?
dependencies  architecture  projects  projectmanagement  leadership  technology  bestpractices 
5 weeks ago by dlkinney

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