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You Can’t Have a Rollback Button – Skyliner
The rollback button is a lie. There’s more state to any system than what’s in the source code. The environment will get you every time.

The fundamental problem with rolling back to an old version is that web applications are not self-contained, and therefore they do not have versions. They have a current state. The state consists of the application code and everything that it interacts with. Databases, caches, browsers, and concurrently-running copies of itself.
deployment  devops 
2 hours ago by jefframnani
Airship | A platform for repeatable and predictable infrastructure lifecycle management
Airship is a collection of loosely coupled but interoperable open source tools that declaratively automate cloud provisioning.
devops  deployment  automation  cloud 
3 days ago by sschank
Open Visual Studio Solution from Command Line
I like to drive my Windows 10 development machine from the command line using the Cmder Shell: When I type d (short for devenv.exe) it opens up Visual Studio...
deployment  howto 
3 days ago by gilberto5757
Kubernetes Canary deployments 🐤 for mere mortals – Google Cloud Platform - Community – Medium
Canary deployment is a pattern for reducing risk involved with releasing new software versions. The history behind the name ain’t really pretty. But in software, releasing canaries can be a strategic…
docker  kubernetes  canary  deployment 
4 days ago by arthuralvim
Pharmer - Kubernetes Cluster Manager for Kubeadm
Kubernetes Cluster Manager for Kubeadm. Think kops using kubeadm.
Kubernetes  deployment  automation  cloud-computing  opensource  tools 
6 days ago by liqweed

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