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Harmonious Typography and Grids – Tradecraft – Medium
What size should your fonts be? Do you need to use a grid? And what about vertical rhythm?
I’m going to outline a process for answering all of those questions, speeding up the time it takes to arrive at consistent typography that matches your grid system, and minimizes thrashing.
A harmonious grid and typographic system is one which is internally consistent. Systems like this help you ensure that all layouts and components will fit together — like the way any one Lego brick is compatible with any other Lego brick.
Why it’s important
When designing a new product or UI from scratch, there are a lot of interdependent decisions you have to make. Every design decision affects every previous design decision, and some are more disruptive than others.
An analogy: imagine you’re building a house, and you interrupt the painting process to move some walls around. What would’ve been a relatively easy thing to do during the initial planning phase becomes prohibitively expensive. Following a sequence will help you eliminate this type of thrashing.
typography  design-system  gridsystem  Fonts  uidesign 
2 days ago by gwippich
Brand Central – Microsoft color
​​​​​​​​​​​​Our color palette is a key unifying element in our brand identity. It connects our experiences across products, communications, and environments.​
We've​ put inclusivity and accessibility at the heart of our flexible system allowing for dynamic, relevant, and expressive communications for all audiences.
microsoft  color  palette  reference  design-system 
2 days ago by vancura
Visual Studio design standards - User experience and user interface guidelines
These design standards are for software designers and developers working on features that integrate with Visual Studio. This site reflects the current and evolving guidance for Dev15. If you are designing UI for older versions of Visual Studio, download the abridged Dev14 guidance or email the UxBoard. Specific implementation information for the Visual Studio IDE, including APIs and other code, is in the Visual Studio Software Development Kit (SDK).
visualstudio  microsoft  design-pattern  design-system  reference  hig 
2 days ago by vancura
Ant Design - The world's second most popular React UI framework
A design system with values of Nature and Determinacy for better user experience of enterprise applications
components  design-system  guidelines  ux-design  chinese  framework 
4 days ago by gwippich

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