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Humaaans: Mix-&-Match illustration library
Mix-&-match illustrations of people with a design library
design  sketch  free  cc 
2 hours ago by tero
LukeW | Designing for Large Screen Smartphones
LukeW Ideation + Design provides resources for mobile and Web product design and strategy including presentations, workshops, articles, books and more on usability, interaction design and visual design.
application  design  device  interface  interaction  fingers  reach 
2 hours ago by vloux
FAQ Sheet on Feature Interaction
A feature interaction is some way in which a feature or features modify or influence another feature in defining overall system behavior. Feature interactions are especially common in telecommunications, because all features are modifying or enhancing the same basic service, which is real-time communication among people.

Features are popular because they are easy to add and change. The dark side of features is feature interaction, which is implicit in feature composition and therefore difficult to understand.
dev  code  design  architecture  knowledge-management  formal-methods 
3 hours ago by kmt
Design Development and the WYSIWYG Trap, Part 2: Construction and design development
...Instead we need one or more new roles: people who understand both design and development requirements, but are not conceptual designers nor traditional software developers.

These roles fall under the general umbrella of design developer. This is not a single job title: these are not “unicorn” roles that require the rare talent who can do both code and visual design as well as the experts! Instead, design developer roles should be narrowly specialized so that they can be reliably trained for — just like the design engineer roles that exist in the construction industry.
design/tools  design/process  design/ux  design/interaction  design 
3 hours ago by dwhite

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