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UCLA's Aaron Yih Is Revamping the College-Visit Experience
Art/Design major founds startup to publish e-guides to visiting #college campuses, written by current students
16ccc  visit  twt  college  ucla  art  design  story  guide  entrepreneur 
20 hours ago by csrollyson
APIs as infrastructure: future-proofing Stripe with versioning
"At Stripe, we implement versioning with rolling versions that are named with the date they’re released (for example, 2017-05-24). Although backwards-incompatible, each one contains a small set of changes that make incremental upgrades relatively easy so that integrations can stay current.

The first time a user makes an API request, their account is automatically pinned to the most recent version available, and from then on, every API call they make is assigned that version implicitly. This approach guarantees that users don’t accidentally receive a breaking change and makes initial integration less painful by reducing the amount of necessary configuration. Users can override the version of any single request by manually setting the Stripe-Version header, or upgrade their account’s pinned version from Stripe’s dashboard.

Some readers might have already noticed that the Stripe API also defines major versions using a prefixed path (like /v1/charges). Although we reserve the right to make use of this at some point, it’s not likely to change for some time. As noted above, major version changes tend to make upgrades painful, and it’s hard for us to imagine an API redesign that’s important enough to justify this level of user impact. Our current approach has been sufficient for almost a hundred backwards-incompatible upgrades over the past six years."
apis  versioning  stripe  design 
20 hours ago by earth2marsh
The Definitive Guide to Adobe XD, Totally Free - Learn XD with XDGuru
The most comprehensive and up to date written guide on Adobe XD. Spread over 24 chapters and completely FREE. For pros and beginners. Learn with!
adobe  xd  design 
20 hours ago by nerd_uprising

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