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Document your design systems with Fractal | Creative Bloq
Introducing Fractal, a pattern library tool to help you document your design system and keep your files in sync.
Fractal  DesignSystem 
26 days ago by agentangelo
Why design systems fail, and how to make them work
For a short period of time I worked on a design system at WebNL, an agency specialised in web design, development and marketing based in the Netherlands. Our design system was aimed at improving the bridge between the design and development of the products we’re making.
design  designsystem 
27 days ago by roboto
Eight lessons from creating a design system
Over the past six months we have worked on a large scale design system. When we were nearing a big release, I wrote down some key lessons. Don’t expect a magic deliverable.
design  designsystem 
27 days ago by roboto
How to name UI components
We’ve all dealt with the issues when someone is trying to talk about “that light blue button just below the thing with the sliding images” or when you feel the need to open the design document just to make people understand which component you are talking about.
design  designsystem 
27 days ago by roboto

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