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“Documenting Components”
Artículo acerca de cómo documentar componentes para design systems
article  components  styleguide  designsystems 
yesterday by gorilas
CSS Architecture for Design Systems | Brad Frost
"I wrote this post a while ago about how we structure CSS for large-scale design systems"
css  designsystems  patternlibrary  webdevelopment  webdesign  scalability  from twitter_favs
15 days ago by garrettc
Documenting Components – EightShapes – Medium
#1 of 6 of the series Documenting Components:
Overview | Intros | Examples | Design | Code | Authoring High-quality component documentation is a hallmark of an effective library. We describe each UI…
design  styleguide  designsystem  designsystems  design+systems  article  !great 
15 days ago by alexmc
Building Our Sketch Library – In The Hudl – Medium
Libraries is one of the most useful tools in Sketch. Share symbols across multiple documents. Find out how we’re using this tool to make our design system easy to use and implement.
sketch  designsystems 
16 days ago by estinchon
Design Systems – Design + Sketch – Medium
A collection of articles and tutorials about design systems. The best collection of articles, tips, tutorials, and stories on designing and prototyping with Sketch and beyond.
sketch  designsystems 
16 days ago by estinchon

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