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Oh please, let this quote be the one I’m known for about 🙏🏼
PS Read the footnote
DesignSystems  from twitter_favs
2 days ago by danmanchester
Create your design system, part 1: Typography
Typography is arguably the essential part of a website. When we think about the content of a web page, we think about words. In this article, we’ll take a look at how to set a typography system in…
css  webdesign  designsystems  webdevelopment  typography  grid  colour  space  icons  buttons 
3 days ago by garrettc
Kotti Design System
This design system helps to unify our design language and provides the documentation for further product design decisions. The Kotti design system has two main parts: foundation and components.
10 days ago by danroc
Getting some folks together, 2pm this Thurs in our office near Old St/Barbican - come say hi...
designsystems  from twitter_favs
17 days ago by oliver.turner
Adele – Design Systems and Pattern Libraries Repository
Dozens of design systems and pattern libraries thoroughly analyzed. Learn, enjoy, contribute!
designsystems  reference  styleguide 
18 days ago by jpkoudstaal
coeur <3
This is not a framework or a design system, but a starting point. This is a collection of concepts, SCSS, and Javascript bundled together to make prototyping faster and more efficient. Its purpose is to speed up prototype building, and sacrifices load speed and efficiency.
29 days ago by mayrav

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