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GitHub - Drakirus/go-flutter-desktop-embedder: A Go (golang) Custom Flutter Engine Embedder for desktop
A Go (golang) Custom Flutter Engine Embedder for desktop - Drakirus/go-flutter-desktop-embedder
golang  gui  desktop 
2 days ago by geetarista
Introduction : Stencila
Stencila allows you to write reproducible documents containing interactive source code using the interfaces you are most familiar with. Stencila components can be combined in various ways and plugged into existing reproducible infrastructure.

Stencila execution engine is its heart. The engine enables a spreadsheet-like, reactive programming model. It maintains a graph of the dependency between code cells. This means that as you change your code or data, all other parts of your document depending on them get updated as well. Stencila execution engine does not itself execute the code embedded in the documents but instead sends it to the execution contexts.

The execution contexts compile and execute code from the code cells that the execution engine passes on. This means that Stencila can be used for practically any programming language as the execution contexts can be developed using Stencila API. Currently we provide execution contexts for R, Python, JavaScript, SQL and Mini (Stencila's own simple language).
notebooks  juypter  r  spreadsheet  desktop  results 
2 days ago by jaygooby
p-e-w/argos: Create GNOME Shell extensions in seconds
Create GNOME Shell extensions in seconds. Contribute to p-e-w/argos development by creating an account on GitHub.
linux  gnome  gnome-shell  bitbar  desktop  extension  gui 
3 days ago by jonrandy

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