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GIPHY Celebrity Detection AI Demo
Demo page for GIPHY’s open-source celebrity detection Artificial Intelligence.
giphy  celebrity  detection  machine  learning 
4 days ago by planb
iBorderCtrl? No! |
So the EU is considering a highly invasive border control scheme for Schengen access, likely resulting in an app visitors need to download to their phone. Also an "AI" interview, using the high quality of phone camera to monitor facial flushing/bloodflow/heartbeat detection to do some lie detection during the "interview" with the avatar.
EU  europe  border  control  schengen  access  AI  avatar  interview  lie  detection  smartphone  app 
13 days ago by asteroza
Thousands face incorrect benefit cuts from automated fraud detector • Sky News
Rowland Manthorpe:
<p>Thousands of people could soon be receiving letters threatening to cut off vital housing benefits as they face being incorrectly targeted by a new automated fraud detector.

The government-backed London Counter Fraud Hub, developed by BAE, has been hailed a success after being trialled in four boroughs - Camden, Ealing, Croydon and Islington.

Using vast quantities of data from millions of households, it is designed to target potential fraud cases involving the single person council tax discount, subletting in local authority housing and business rate relief and rating.

Ealing, the lead council for the project, found the automated elements of the system targeting single person discount fraud was 80% effective - which is seen as an acceptable benchmark.

With just over one million claimants of council tax single person discount in London, the London Counter Fraud Hub estimates it will detect around 40,000 fraudulent cases in the first year.

Critics say the 20% error rate is unacceptable as around 8,000 people will receive letters wrongly accusing them of fraud.</p>

80% effective is acceptable? The way that these systems are graded on a curve is remarkable. Recall the local boroughs which <a href="">were happy with "lie detector" telephone systems</a> a few years ago, yet couldn't really show that it worked in its own right. I'd like to see the trial results.
councils  fraud  detection 
15 days ago by charlesarthur

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