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A development environment and build toolkit to accelerate and optimize every stage of the WordPress development process.
3 hours ago by jbragland
The Definitive Programming Resources Guide · X-Team
Find programming tutorials, developers to follow, best books to learn, and events to attend in X-Team's definitive programming resources guide.
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5 hours ago by eduardoportilho
Unleashing the power of asset catalogs and bundles on iOS |
Bundles and asset catalogs are features of Apple’s systems every developer and app is using, even though many developers are probably not aware of their existence or how powerful they can be, especially when used together.
Archive  dev  ios 
17 hours ago by krzemienski
Tricky UIViewController transition animations – @RosberryApps – Medium
There are a lot of articles about simple transition animations for beginners and lack of advanced ones. So I’ve decided to fix it and describe a few tricky transitions that I have recently made. But first let’s refresh our basics of UIViewController transition animations.
Archive  dev  ios 
17 hours ago by krzemienski
New LSP language service supporting Swift and C-family languages for any editor and platform - Announcements - Swift Forums
At Apple we are making it a priority to support high-quality tooling for all Swift developers, including those working on non-Apple platforms.
Archive  dev  swift 
17 hours ago by krzemienski
The iOS Architect – The Complete Course on Advanced iOS Architecture | Matteo Manferdini
Gets past the material for beginners, and get the advanced techniques to build a scalable architecture that stands the test of time, with code that is easy to read, test and maintain You will discover: Advanced architectural design patterns like MVVM+C, VIPER and my Lotus MVC pattern to build high
Archive  dev  swift 
18 hours ago by krzemienski
Upcase by thoughtbot | Learn Web Development Online
Excelente plataforma com vídeos e cursos sobre programação web, agora disponibilizados gratuitamente.
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yesterday by repoles

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