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Test Double | Our Blog
Test Double is an agency of highly-skilled developers on a mission to fix what's broken in software. Need JavaScript or Ruby help? Say
docker  development  devops  opinion 
58 minutes ago by bobzoller
lobsters comment: "[...] seems to be the most agnostic out there[out of Vault, Confidant, etc.], with solid open source primitives. [...] The downside is you really need to be running your own CA / PKI for Keywhiz."
security  java  devops  tools 
1 hour ago by mechazoidal
Django GUID
Django GUID stores a GUID to an object, making it accessible by using the ID of the current thread. The GUID is accessible from anywhere within the application throughout a request, allowing us to inject it into the logs.
django  devops  log 
1 hour ago by jazwiecki
Fear database changes? Get them under control with CI/CD - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
Learn how to include database migrations in your CI/CD process and push a non-backwards-compatible database change successfully. Tagged with webdev, javascript, devops, heroku.
type:article  development  devops  database  migration 
7 hours ago by endorama
Twelve-Factor Apps: A Retrospective and Look Forward - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
Chances are the Twelve-Factor App methodology has influenced the frameworks and platforms you’re using. Few have the far-reaching impact of this one. Tagged with webdev, devops.
type:article  12factor  devops 
7 hours ago by endorama
In depth guide to running Elasticsearch in production
"In this post, I discuss in-depth information on how to manage elasticsearch in production"
development  devops  search  elasticsearch  hosting  lucene 
7 hours ago by garrettc
AWS Lambda Cold Start Language Comparisons, 2019 edition ☃️
It’s 2019, the worlds a changing place but the biggest question of them all is how have lambdas performance changed since 2018? I’m here again to compare the cold start time of competing languages…
computers  programming  aws  cloudcomputing  devops  serverless  node.js  python  ruby  golang  java 
8 hours ago by pozorvlak

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