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We have to warn you, . These 3 from are on their way from Brussels to…
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Gamers and managers vs workers: the impossible (and gendered) standards imposed on game developers | Overland literary journal
There’s something here that often confuses outsiders. Why is it that fans, those most-passionate consumers of a product and who identify with the product on some deeply personal level, are often the ones who are most hateful and spiteful towards those individuals who create the thing they love? Often this gets explained away as an overly zealous and protective passion, but the answer is both more insidious and more straightforward: fans are not loyal to workers; fans are loyal to brands. This is especially true of gamers, that young and predominately male demographic explicitly and deliberately cultivated by videogame publishers throughout the 90s to identify strongly enough with a range of brands, to constantly invest money in new titles and hardware. The gamer’s allegiance is to ArenaNet, not the workers at ArenaNet who do the creative labour. Gamers are allies to corporations.

At the same time, the managerial class of the games industry has long seen the creative workers that actually produce games as disposable and easily replaceable. ‘A passion for games’ is held up as a primary requirement for working in the videogame industry, and those who have been brought up through the gamer identity are offered low wages and demanded to do unpaid overtime in return for so generously being given the opportunity to work in the industry.
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Malk’Zameth’s Braindump
In one phrase Elastic datastores handle stress losing neither consistency nor availability. In detail To understand that you need to know what is …
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RT : CNCF is proud to sponsor – the global challenge asking to create applications that improve…
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Use the tools that you need to do good work - Canadian Digital Service
“We’ve chosen to optimize for where our developers spend most of their time.”. This is the crux of one of the issues that security people often don’t understand. Users want good solutions that are close to them. When security offers solutions that are “more secure” but further away from the users, it falls back into the old false dichotomy of user experience is a trade off against security.
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RT : Progressive apps idea is gaining momentum among web , but let’s have a look at it from the mobile d…
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Using online search to research a looking at perceived differences between & . Seri…
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