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Free and continuously growing high quality icons
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yesterday by braposo
Tail-Tolerance by Google - DZone Performance
"In the paper, the authors provide an example of the system where each server typically responds in 10 ms, but 1% of the requests (99th percentile) will take 1 second to complete. It doesn’t sound like a big deal because we still respond to 99% of the requests in 10 ms. But let’s imagine a scenario when we have 100 of microservices which we need to call in parallel in order to build the final response for the client. Each microservice has the previously mentioned latency characteristics (10 ms f...
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yesterday by bookmarks
Visual tool for making quick cubic bezier curves for animation by Lea Verou
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yesterday by mycotn
Dashboard |
Automated Project Management for Teams on GitHub |
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yesterday by rafi
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